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‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Mattea Roach Felt ‘Directionless’ Before Game Show Appearance

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

One never knows how someone will approach life before appearing on Jeopardy! and Mattea Roach admits it was different. The 23-game winner writes in a first-person account for the show’s website that she felt directionless. Roach did come off as someone who knew what she was doing while on TV. Still, the future Tournament of Champions participant shares her first impressions.

“I got the call inviting me to appear on Jeopardy! on January 5, 2022,” Roach writes for the show’s website. “Just a few days prior, I had rung in the New Year with a less-than-celebratory conversation with one of my closest friends about how unmoored and directionless I had been feeling recently.

Mattea Roach of ‘Jeopardy!’ Fame Was Waiting For Law School Admissions

“I was only working part-time, and I was waiting to receive admissions decisions from several law schools, all of which I felt certain would reject me,” Roach said. “Everywhere I looked, I saw people in my age bracket who were accomplishing things and moving forward in their lives, but I felt stagnant, and as a result, despondent. Enter, Jeopardy!”

As you watch the game, you see players make wagers as part of it. What, though, are forbidden wagers on Jeopardy!? “You’re not allowed to wager $420 on Jeopardy,” Roach wrote on Twitter. “But you ARE allowed to SAY ‘420’ if it’s the correct response to a clue in the “Number Words” category. Legal in both Canada and California!”

Her Mannerisms While On Winning Streak Would Get Viewers’ Attention

When Roach was on the show, her mannerisms were really under the microscope of viewers. She talked about it in an interview. “My wrist has received a lot of fan mail,” she said. “If anything, my wrist received a lot of hate mail. There’s a lot of queer people specifically who have been fans of the way I move my hands and body. It’s not something I thought about at the time I was taping, but it’s fun to see the support from the community.” Roach is part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Her victory streak did beat out one person she admires a lot, fellow champ Julia Collins. She talks about being a successful woman on the show. “The reason why Julia is a player that I really liked is that I think she played in a manner that was quite straightforward,” Roach said. “Like, she did, you know, kind of top-down. She wasn’t bouncing around all over the place. And I really like champions that show that you can win that way.” We now get to wait and see if Roach will soar even higher as a bigger champion on the show down the road.