‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Megan Wachspress Breaks Down How She’s Been ‘Unbelievably Lucky’ Amid Fortunate Streak

by Sean Griffin

Megan Wachspress is a California attorney and the current Jeopardy! champion. However, many avid viewers of the show have noted how lucky she’s been in her impressive five-win streak. Wachspress herself admits her luck in a series of tweets below.

Notably, Wachspress says “I am well aware of how unbelivably lucky I am, how brilliant and quick my opponents have been, and how bizarre a run this has been. Excited for the possibility of meeting some true super-champs at ToC and a shot at redemption if pirates somehow come up.”

That last remark about pirates references her loss during the Final Jeopardy! question. As TV Insider reports, Wachspress had studied this area extensively for her dissertation. This prompted her to poke fun at herself and ponder how she missed a question that should’ve been easier for her.

As you can see, Wachspress is a humble and humorous Jeopardy! champion. Wachspress seems to be enjoying her moment as a Jeopardy! champion and looks forward to the Tournament of Champions. Her fifth win qualified her for the Tournament of Champions.

However, while Wachspress deserves props for her impressive streak, it is worthwhile to examine the string of luck she’s experienced the last few episodes.

Wachspress’ Incredible Luck on Jeopardy!

The first instance of true luck for Wachspress started on her June 17 performance. During the Final Jeopardy! round, one contestant named Sadie Goldberger had appeared to answer the question correctly. This would’ve meant that Goldberger was the winner. However, in a controversial call by the game show’s judges, they deemed Goldberger’s answer illegible. Therefore, Wachspress was declared the winner after Goldberger’s disqualification.

After dodging that bullet, Wachspress had another close call on June 20. Again, her strange bout of luck occurred during the Final Jeopardy! round. On this occassion, Wachpress faced a contestant named Tory Leviton, a musician and teacher from Colorado. He was slightly ahead of Wachspress. Leviton and Wachpress both took the full-time to answer as the classic Jeopardy! theme played.

When time was called, it was revealed that both Wachspress and Leviton had answered incorrectly. However, shockingly, Leviton had wagered more of his earnings than had Wachspress! Wachspress ended the day with a victory, and even she was stunned as she threw her hands to her face in awe.

So far, the champion on a streak of five wins has earned $52,002 in winnings. Her performance on June 20th was incredibly bizarre, considering she earned less money than the other two contestants and still won the game.

Wachspress’ unique path to victory sits on the backdrop of other big changes with the beloved game show. Just recently, current guest host Mayim Bialik revealed she has COVID. This news comes shortly after the news that current host Ken Jennings will be participating in another game show. Some fans wonder whether his participation in Pyramid will hurt his chances of being Jeopardy!‘s permanent host.