‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Robert Won Reveals Greatest Fear After Winning by Just One Dollar

by Alex Falls

Jeopardy! winner Robert Won came dangerously close to leaving empty-handed on Friday. By an extremely narrow margin, Won walked away with a $32,001 take. It all came down to Final Jeopardy! after Won played a tight game with two tough competitors.

Won, a math professor from Washington DC, went up against Leigh Jahnig, an attorney from Chicago, Illinois. Plus, Brian Ahern, a user support associate from Daly City, California who had won the previous game.

Jeopardy! posted a bonus clip from behind the scenes of the episode. In the video, Won expressed the anxiety he felt as a math professor nearly making a major miscalculation.

“I was terrified that I’m a math professor and I wagered wrong,” Won said. “Like if I lost on a wrong wager my colleagues wouldn’t let me hear the end of that,” he said with a nervous laugh.

Host Mayim Bialick read the Final Jeopardy answer: “A 2021 study suggested that an asteroid that struck the Jordan Valley c. 1650 B.C. gave rise to the story of this city in Genesis 19,” Ahern responded incorrectly with “What is Babel?” dropping his score all the way to $0. Won and Jahnig both gave the correct response, “What is Sodom?” But Won just edged out the victory for his first Jeopardy! win.

How Do Fans Feel About Fresh Jeopardy! Champions?

Jeopardy! has seen a trend form of more long-running streaks happening this season. Fans have begged the question, are longer winning streaks becoming the new normal? The recent mega streaks by champions such as Amy Schneider and Mattea Roach has fans feeling a little fatigued with their favorite show.

A recent thread on the Jeopardy! subreddit shows fans are relieved by the return of more champion turnover in recent weeks. The original post said, “I think mega champs are great and all that… but I also enjoy seeing a daily or regular turnover of champions, just for different perspectives.”

“I really enjoyed Yungsheng Wang’s short tenure as champ, he was so happy to win and enthusiastic. Made the whole game more enjoyable,” wrote one fan regarding Wang’s short but memorable time as champion.

“I get bored with mega-champs after a while. Runaway after runaway gets boring,” wrote another fan. The opinion was shared in many responses on the thread. Including one user who wrote, “Yes, absolutely. I get really tired of seeing the same player every day unless they make the game interesting beyond just winning by a small margin every time,” wrote another.”

However, not everyone was in agreement. Some viewers enjoy seeing contestants who take over the show and make history. “Yes, but I also enjoy the dominant super champ runs,” wrote another user.

Tune into the next round of Jeopardy! to see if Won can continue into another major winning streak.