‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Ryan Long Could Reach an Impressive Milestone Tonight

by Emily Morgan

Ryan Long is well on his way to making “Jeopardy!” history. With a win tonight, Long could have a 12-game winning streak and add his name to the list of “Jeopardy!” record-breakers such as Matt Amodio, Amy Schneider, and Mattea Roach.

Since making his debut on the show, the rideshare driver has racked up over $200,000 in cash and shows no sign of slowing down. Now, he has a chance to end up on the Leaderboard of Legends during tonight’s game.

Since his time on the show, the Philadelphia native has gained quite a following. Known for his carefree and easygoing demeanor, he’s wowed viewers at home as he seamlessly answers clues on America’s most challenging quiz show.

While his fellow contestants have spent hours making and studying notecards in preparation, Long has taken a different, more laid-back approach. “I didn’t study or anything,” he said in an interview. “I probably should have perused something, but I just didn’t, I just kind of went in and did my thing.”

Surprisingly, he also admitted that academics didn’t come easy growing up. “I was probably not the most conscientious student,” Long said. He added, “I was distracted by other things. … I didn’t go to college right away, I went to work.”

Although he’s amazed us with his impressive trivia knowledge, he’s also struggled with his vision. According to the Uber/Lyft driver, he’s been having difficulty seeing the quiz board.

“There was a video clue category on Swedish history, and there was a photo of a king with his sword,” Long said. “I could not see what that clue was. I just took my best guess, and of course it was wildly wrong.”

When fans wondered why Long was squinting during the show, he admitted he left his glasses at home, making it all the more challenging.

‘Jeopardy!’ champ correctly answers clues amid struggling to see

“When you watch it on TV, the clue is blown up big and everything, but when you get there the video clue screen is way across the stage, and it’s not that big,” Long explained. “So if you don’t have good vision, then good luck to you, pal. You’re going to be struggling.”

Currently, Ryan Long is tied for the fourth-longest winning streak this season with Jonathan Fisher of Coral Gables, Florida. Fisher has ended the run of Matt Amodio, whose reign as champion began last season and lasted for a whopping 38 episodes. Amy Schneider beat that mark earlier this season with a 40-episode winning streak.

Regardless of how long his tenure will last, Long is looking forward to meeting Amodio and Schneider during the show’s Tournament of Champions. As for now, Long said his experience is so new that he’s not thinking about the studio lights or his wardrobe. “I want to take my kid fishing,” the 39-year-old said. “That’s really where my head is at.”