‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Ryan Long Met With Huge Support After Posting New Photo

by Caitlin Berard

Season 38 of Jeopardy! featured a wide variety of memorable contestants with big personalities, hilarious anecdotes, and impressive playing styles. For fans of the iconic game show, however, Ryan Long is tough to beat. The beloved ride-share driver won an incredible 16 games and earned $300K in winnings, which he used to improve the lives of both himself and his young son.

Ryan did so well on Jeopardy!, in fact, that he’ll be returning to the stage for the Tournament of Champions beginning October 31st. And in a recent Twitter post, Ryan Long revealed that the $250K ToC prize isn’t his only goal this year. He’s also making an effort to improve his health and fitness.

The former Jeopardy! champ posted a shirtless snap of himself at the beach, grinning at the camera in a pair of sunglasses. And though he appears the picture of confidence, Ryan confessed that the shirtless outing was well outside of his comfort zone.

“It took some working up, but I finally took my shirt off at a beach. The other patrons were grateful for the shade I provided…though they might’ve preferred to have sun glare in their eyes instead. No sign of Greenpeace…” Long wrote before adding the hashtag “fitness journey.”

Ryan Long Inspires ‘Jeopardy!’ Fans With Uplifting Post

Opening himself up to public opinion while sharing his insecurities was no doubt a difficult task for Ryan Long. But the reaction from Jeopardy! fans couldn’t have been more positive.

The image received thousands of likes and hundreds of comments, many from fans sharing that they were inspired by his openness and growing confidence. “My stretch marks and rolls salute you. We shouldn’t have to be uncomfortable topless or in a bathing suit because we’re not someone’s preferred body type. Rock that big beautiful body!!” one fan said.

“Good for you! I know you’re working out and losing weight. And that’s great for your health. But at any size, you’re the same gentle, intelligent, kind and wonderful Ryan Long,” another applauded.

“Be proud, Ryan! Don’t allow anyone to body shame you…especially you. We’re all beautiful creatures. Soak up those rays!” a third agreed.

And, of course, more than a few Jeopardy! fans expressed their excitement for his return to the iconic stage in the fall. “Been watching the Jeopardy! reruns and [am] sooooo looking forward to seeing you again in the Tournament of Champions later this year,” one fan wrote. “Can’t wait to see you on TOC!” another said.