‘Jeopardy’ Champ Ryan Long Takes His Place on Long List of Legendary Philadelphians

by Samantha Whidden

As his “Jeopardy!” streak continues, the game show’s host Mayim Bialik adds Ryan Long to the long list of legendary Philadelphians. 

In a sneak peek at tonight’s “Jeopardy!” episode, Bialik shares the list of Philadelphia residents who have made a mark on the world. “Rocky Balboa, Boys II Men, Joe Frazier, Tina Fey, Bradley Cooper, Marshmallow, Questlove, Dick Clark, and Grace Kelly. All famous and revered Philadelphians with another thing in common. None of them has ever won sixteen straight games on ‘Jeopardy!’ like our champion, Ryan Long. The City of Brotherly Love’s latest contribution to American culture.”

Bialik continued to praise the champion by stating that he has been impressive to watch over the past few weeks. Today we welcome two new challengers in Eric and Stephanie.” 

According to Axios, Ryan Long comes from more humble beginnings. Unlike most “Jeopardy!” contestants, he only attended one year of community college. Although he doesn’t have a college degree, Long is notably an avid reader and is able to retain a lot of information. “I went through life absorbing stuff. That’s basically it,” Long stated in a recent interview. 

‘Jeopardy!’ Champion Ryan Long Forgot His Glasses & Brought Only Two Shirts For the Show 

During a recent interview with 6ABC, Ryan Long admitted that he actually forgot his glasses and only brought two shirts for his “Jeopardy!” Appearance. “I have to give a shout-out to the wardrobe people because they did wonders with what I brought: two shirts and two sweater vests. That’s all I had. That’s all I could afford. I figured I wasn’t going to be there longer than a day.”

Long also spoke about his education. “I don’t actually know what I know. I read a lot of things, and stuff gets stuck. When I was a kid, I read the dictionary for fun.”

Meanwhile, Long shared his thoughts about being labeled as a champion. “Every time I hear it, it sounds like I’m waiting for the punchline. A legend? A legend is a nice title.”

Long then said that his playing style relies on doing what he feels is right. “I’d be lying if I said I had any kind of plan. The situation that I find myself in each game, [I] just play it however it calls for it.”

While speaking about the fellow “Jeopardy!” champions, Long declared, “I’m not like a sentimental guy, but it feels like an honor. All those great champs, it’s crazy for me to think that my name is going to be among that [type of] company. But it’s really cool.”

Long goes on to add that he credits his success to his ability to retain information. However, he said some people may not find his “strategy” that useful to them. He has only one thing to say to those who doubted him though. “Told ya.”