‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Ryan Long Weighs In on Debate Over His Glasses

by Joe Rutland

Fans who watch Jeopardy! regularly know that Ryan Long has been on a hot streak but they’re worried about his glasses. Well, they are talking about them because some of them see a problem with his lenses. Are the glasses in need of some repair? Fans have been talking about the situation over on Reddit. Yes, when you watch this famed game show all the time and see things, then you want to talk about them.

What does Long have to say about this issue? He took to his Twitter account and left this comment.

Let’s cover the fans’ side about this glasses issue. One writes on Reddit, “I still can’t figure out if Ryan’s glasses are fogged over, or reflecting his shirt, or both.” Another says, “I feel bad for Ryan, I wear glasses and they fog up all the time, his glasses have had a fog spot for at least 3 shows.” We get more from The Sun.

Ryan Long Of ‘Jeopardy!’ Recalls Story From His Days Tending Bar

After winning on Tuesday, Long now has 13 straight victories. So, he’s managed to collect $253,000 and currently has the ninth-longest win streak on the show in history. If you have been keeping up with the story of Long, then you know that he was a rideshare driver in Philadelphia. But he does have a lot of stories. One of them involves his days as a bouncer at a bar.

“We were both standing on the step,” Long says about him and his friend Tim. “And I already started making my way up because, you know, I know about raccoons. And Tim’s sitting on the steps like, ‘What’s it gonna do, bite us? What are you, a wuss?'” Well, the raccoon was not going to sit around and wait for Tim. He attacked. “And, of course, it goes and clamps on his foot. And I’m already inside the bar,” Long says.

Champ’s Journey In Life Does Not Add Up To Cheerful One

If you take a minute and think, then the lives of winners on Jeopardy! before and after are different. Long, too, has a before and after story to his own journey. As a teen, school was not the most important thing in his life. Family matters did have a role in it.

His parents divorced when he was younger and that led to him being moved around in a custody agreement. Sadly, he was going into his final year of high school when his dad died. “I was probably not the most conscientious student, I was distracted by other things,” he said in an interview. “… I didn’t go to college right away, I went to work.”