‘Jeopardy!’ Clarifies Stance on Proposed Rule After Fans Slam the Idea

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

There are a lot of Jeopardy! fans who have been keenly interested in any changes that might take place on the fabled game show. Executive producer Michael Davies has been outspoken about some of them on the show’s Inside Jeopardy! podcast. One rule change that’s been bandied about would have contestants receive a cash award for their answers. This happens, supposedly, when the contestant answers all the clues right in a category. Maybe give them some type of cash incentive for winning and doing so well. When fans heard about this, though, they balked a little bit. Heck, even champ Buzzy Cohen reportedly wasn’t a fan of this idea either. So, when will this change take place? Is Jeopardy! updating its prize categories? Hold on a minute. Before the fans start getting too riled up, we get some definitive word about this from show producer Sarah Foss. She said, “We’re not doing anything different with it at this point. There’s no bonus right now; nobody get upset.”

OK, so this offers up some clarification. That’s a good thing. What, though, might happen if a contestant does sweep a category? Let’s once again have Foss come on in and offer up an answer. “We finally decided we’re not going to call out the running of a category unless it happens … within five clues,” she said. “Because even Ken was like, ‘It’s too far after,’ if it’s like 10 clues ago that he started doing the category. So you will see that in future episodes, you might say to yourself, ‘Hey they got all five clues in that category,’ but unless they did them [five in a row], that’s when we’re going to give those applause and acknowledge that running of category.”

‘Jeopardy!’ Executive Producer Quite Proactive Around Possible Changes

Davies appears to be really proactive when it comes to changes. He’s willing to throw out ideas and see if they work out. But he’s also going to listen very carefully to what people are saying, too. Those longtime Jeopardy! fans are some of the most faithful ones a show will have. They have watched for years, probably dating back to Alex Trebek as host. Now, they have been having to adjust with two co-hosts on the daily show.

Of course, they happen to be Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik. A lot of them love having Jennings, a former champion, as part of the hosting rotation. He’s been handling the daily show during the fall and will be overseeing the Tournament of Champions. That’s quite fitting for the G.O.A.T. or Greatest of All Time in some people’s eyes. Bialik has been hosting Celebrity Jeopardy! over on ABC and is behind the podium on Sunday nights.