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‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Fires Major Shot at Northeastern State During Intro Chat With Mayim Bialik

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Scott Wintrow/Getty Images)

Following the recent exit of “Jeopardy!‘” super champ Mattea Roach, fans are looking for the next game show genius. However, amid that search, one recent contestant used his time on “Jeopardy!” to fire shots at one northeastern U.S. state: New Jersey.

Monday night saw several new contestants step up to the “Jeopardy!” podium, save for Danielle Maurer, a digital marketing manager from Peachtree Corners, Georgia who beat out our latest super-champ. Beside her stood the Los Angeles associate creative director Emily Levant and Florida native Karim Oliver, a student at Tennessee’s Vanderbilt University.

The episode saw host Mayim Bialik step back into the role following Ken Jennings‘ recent temporary departure. Bialik, as usual, took a moment to chat with each of the game show contestants about their backgrounds and listen to their personal anecdotes. And while Oliver was introducing himself, he fired at New Jersey ahead of concluding what NJ.com calls an “embarrassing round.”

“You wanted to give a shoutout to your parents,” the “Jeopardy!” host reminded the contestant, “tell us a little bit about them.”

Oliver said, in response, “My mother is from Ethiopia. My day’s from Jersey. So they’re both from developing nations.”

Contestant Concludes Time on ‘Jeopardy!’ with Cringe-Worthy Answer

Oliver’s insensitive remark wasn’t the only memorable line the contestant delivered during his five minutes of “Jeopardy!” fame.

Following his remarks about NJ, Oliver prepared to conclude his time on the game show on a rather memorable note. During Final Jeopardy!, Oliver and his fellow contestants were to answer questions under the category, novel titles.

The clue read, “A 1590 poem written for the retirement of Queen Elizabeth’s champion night shares its title with this 1929 novel by an American.”

While the answer should have been, “What is A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway?” Oliver instead offered, “What is this has been so cool.”

The non-answer cost the contestant most of his “Jeopardy!” winnings. The outlet reports Oliver wagered $1,000 during the Final Jeopardy!, and in losing, he was left with a minimal $400.

In response to the non-answer, Mayim Bialik, surely taken aback, said, “Indeed, this has been very cool—it’s been very cool having you. Unfortunately, that’s not the correct response.”

As we might have expected, the jokester contestant came in last place, with Maurer again taking home the “Jeopardy!” win of the night. While no one answered the final “Jeopardy!” clue correctly, Maurer still amassed an impressive $12,399 in earnings.

Following Oliver’s jab at New Jerseyans, we’re left to wonder what Mayim Bialik’s personal reaction might have been. The outlet reports the game show host has her own kind of ties to the Northeastern state, making her directorial debut there with “As They Made Us.”