‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Nails Daily Double With Sports-Themed ‘Magic Number’ Wager

by Caitlin Berard

At its core, Jeopardy! is an extremely simple show. The host reads out a clue worth a certain dollar amount and three contestants attempt to answer with a question. The winner takes home the amount accumulated through their correct answers and moves on to the next game. So, what makes the show so interesting?

Well, a great deal of the show’s undeniable popularity comes down to its contestants. Rather than celebrities, Jeopardy! features three “average Joes” who engage in friendly competition. Each contestant shares a funny or interesting story about themselves and is free to show off his or her personality throughout the episode.

With this approach, it’s not unusual for fans to form connections with contestants, especially those who are particularly charming. In the most recent episode, Eleanor Dixon, a freelance technical editor from Vero Beach, Florida, won fans over with her unexpected betting style.

Contestant Eleanor Shows Off Her Love for Basketball in the Daily Double

Toward the end of the episode, Eleanor Dixon was leading the game with $6,600. She chose the $1600 card under the category “Biblical Proportions,” and her luck continued, as it happened to be one of the evening’s Daily Double clues. Eleanor then bet an unusual amount – $2,018.

With no time to chat, Mayim Bialik noted her wager and continued on. “There’s a lot of smiting and destroying after this group steals the ark of God; things don’t end well for Goliath, either,” the clue read. Without missing a beat, Eleanor replied with the correct answer, “Who are the Philistines?”

Following the applause, Mayim couldn’t help but ask Eleanor why she wagered such an odd number. “Do we get to know what the reason is for your magic number for your wager?” Mayim asked.

“Oh, that was the most recent time Villanova basketball won the national championship,” Eleanor responded with a smile.

‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Slam Mayim Bialik for Accepting a Misspelled Answer

There’s no question that Jeopardy! is about as beloved as it gets when it comes to TV shows. Despite their adoration for the series, however, fans are never shy to voice their concerns when they believe the show to be inconsistent.

Jeopardy! has come under fire several times as of late for its seemingly variable rules. And after Friday night’s episode, fans had yet another complaint.

The episode featured David Bzdak, who returned to the show in hopes of scoring a second victory. He was well behind Eleanor Dixon when it came time for Final Jeopardy, but under the right set of circumstances, he could still sneak out a win.

Mayim Bialik read out the clue: “Mont Bellevue de l’Inini is the highest point in this European possession largely covered by the Amazon rainforest.”

The correct answer was “What is French Guiana?” Dave came close, but made a crucial spelling error, writing “French Guyana” instead. To fans’ disbelief, host Mayim Bialik declared all three contestants correct, despite the obvious mistake.

“Guyana is a separate South American country located due west of Suriname which is located due west of French Guiana,” one fan explained on Twitter. “…[Mayim] just doesn’t prepare. It’s evident in every episode,” another complained.