‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Recalls Hilarious Experience With a DIY Escape Room on His Birthday

by Megan Molseed

Escape rooms became all the rage a few years ago, and a lot of people leaned into the craze, building some impressive escape room adventures for customers to enjoy. However, as one Jeopardy! contestant, Steve, points out, some people have taken this a little further. Creating their very own escape room adventure at home. And, Steve says, his very own escape room adventure was an unusual birthday surprise from his wife!

And, thankfully, the Jeopardy! Twitter account was happy to share the moment Steve tells host Mayim Bialik his unusual story involving the DIY escape room. We have to give some kudos to Steve’s wife, it was quite the creative birthday gift!

“Not sure how we’d feel about getting this birthday “present,” quips the Jeopardy! Twitter page.

“but Steve liked it, so…” the post continues.

Steve can’t help but chuckle as he shares the hilarious account of his wife’s DIY idea during his appearance on the popular TV game show. It was certainly a big surprise, Steve remembers, waking up locked in his bedroom surrounded by clues to help him escape.

“You love escape rooms so much that your wife decided to lock you in your bedroom and turn it into an escape room on your birthday?” asks Jeopardy! host Mayim Bialik in the video shared in the game show’s June 16 Tweet.

“Yeah,” Steve smiles. “It was a great birthday present.” The Jeopardy! player goes on to remember waking up in his bedroom, alone, with “a bunch of lock boxes on the ground.”

“The door to leave our bedroom was locked,” he chuckles. Thankfully, Steve’s wife had thought of it all. The contestant remembers how she even left him a radio in case he “got stuck.”

Jeopardy! Contestant Remembers Getting Through A Unique DIY Escape Room On His Birthday

While Steve’s wife seems to have thought of it all with the unusual DIY birthday gifts, Steve says he was pretty dependent on the radio she had left behind for help. As it turns out, building an escape room is likely as hard as escaping one!

“Unfortunately, because she didn’t quality control a lot of the puzzles, I did have to use it,” Steve says of the radio.

“A lot of things she designed didn’t work,” he tells a laughing audience. Then, Jeopardy! host Mayim Bialik wonders – jokingly, of course – if this wasn’t Steve’s wife’s plan all along. Maybe she wanted Steve locked away on his special day!

“Maybe she didn’t want you to get out!” Bialik jokes in the hilarious clip.

“But I guess that would be an even stranger gift!” the host laughs.