‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Reveals Incredible Family Connection That Goes Back Thousands of Years

by Shelby Scott

Since making its debut in 1984, Jeopardy! has given contestants and audience members alike ample opportunity to learn something new. The game show’s varied categories grow more interesting and diverse as technology and education broaden. However, what makes Jeopardy! more interesting is its slew of contestants that appear in front of the camera each week. This week, Jeopardy! fans were introduced to one contestant whose genealogical research has enabled him to trace his family history back thousands of years. See just how far the contestant’s research has taken him in the game show’s brief clip below.

With an introduction from Jeopardy! host Mayim Bialik, fans met Fair Oaks, California teacher Christopher Arns. In welcoming the contestant to the stage, Bialik drew out details about the teacher’s family history, asking him, “You can trace your family tree pretty far back, right?”

As he reveals in the clip, Arns is actually able to trace his roots all the way back to Charlemagne, who reigned as a medieval emperor over much of Europe from 768 to 814 AD, per history.com. Charlemagne sees credit for uniting most Germanic peoples across Europe. He additionally left a lasting Christian empire that spanned much of Western Europe following his death.

In speaking about his research, the Jeopardy! contestant explained, “my grandfather did quite a lot of genealogical work, and then…he’s passed on. But he left a good legacy, and I kind of, I took it back and was able to do that research.”

Taking to the comments, one Jeopardy! fan said, “It is pretty awesome considering how many people can’t really trace back 2 or 3 generations.”

‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Amped for Ken Jennings’ Return

While this history buff is mighty impressed by Christopher Arns’ stunningly massive family tree, most Jeopardy! fans were significantly more excited by the upcoming return of Bialik’s cohost Ken Jennings on Monday, July 18th.

Taking to the comments following Jeopardy!‘s Friday night post, fans began bashing Mayim Bialik as host. Others are impatiently waiting at the edge of their seats for Jennings’ Monday night appearance.

“I can’t wait until Monday to see Ken back as host,” one fan wrote. “I did the happy dance when they announced it.”

In response, another fan, less kindly, said, “me too can’t wait to watch him next week bye bye mayim bialik.”

Among the comments bashing Bialik, one fan wrote, “Wow, I’m a Ken fan, but the amount of antisemetic, misogynistic comments on here are…not surprising because there are a ton of *ssholes out there…but disappointing.”

Since coming to Jeopardy! following the hosting fiasco the game show endured last fall, Mayim Bialik hasn’t caught a break. Unkind fans have slammed her for her wardrobe, her hosting style, and her overall demeanor. Hopefully, as the game show prepares to announce its permanent host, the actress and neuroscientist sees some relief soon.