‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Reveals Unique Fact About Herself

by Joe Rutland

When watching Jeopardy!, you get an education from watching all the different categories and answers that come up there. Yet you also learn some very interesting things about contestants. Whether it’s someone like Ryan Long or even Ken Jennings, something about them stands out on the show. This contestant chats it up with Mayim Bialik about a unique fact she does have about herself.

“Let’s get to know Alicia O’Hare, a social worker from Long Beach, New York,” Bialik says. “You have a unique lullaby, a lullaby that’s all your own?” O’Hare replies, “I do. I’m one of five. My father started a bedtime routine where he sang a song with our names in it. So my oldest sister is Michelle and it was The Beatles’ ‘Michelle, Ma Belle.’

A Contestant on ‘Jeopardy!’ Shares Interesting Backstory About Her Life

“‘Once In Love With Amy,’ for my sister, Amy,” O’Hare says. “For Timothy and Megan, he changed existing songs to include their names. But when it came to me, for whatever reason, he couldn’t find something that worked. So he made one up out of whole cloth and sang it. And there’s no one else in the world who has it.” Bialik says, “That is very special indeed.” You never know about someone’s backstory until they are asked about it. This is just another example of a contestant with one wonderful story to share.

Bialik is holding the podium down as host while Jennings takes some time off away from his duties there. We don’t know when he will be returning but fans, obviously, will be glad to see him back. Bialik recently had a bout with COVID and shared it with others on social media. Thankfully, she’s feeling better and is on Jeopardy! right now.

Meanwhile, fans are slamming Bialik for her “all over the place” hosting. “Response time was all over the place today. Two seconds, maybe seven, who knows,” according to one fan. This would come on the heels of one contestant, Andie, correcting a wrong response before her time ran out. Bialik initially interrupted her but the show’s judges reversed her decision and awarded Andie $4,000 that she wagered.

Another fan balked, “Mayim hesitates on obvious correct answers, then jumps all over Andy before she even can finish her answer. Glad the judges did the right thing. Now it’s time for the EP to do the right thing and get Ken back.” There you go, Jeopardy! fans. Bialik also is busy these days working on her Fox sitcom Call Me Kat. Of course, she played Sheldon’s girlfriend Amy on The Big Bang Theory. Will she stay on with the show? As long as they will have her.