‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Sends Fans Into a Frenzy With Hilarious Wrong Answer

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Sometimes, answers on game shows can make people laugh instead of being taken seriously and this situation happened on Jeopardy! For instance, Jack Weller was a contestant earlier this week. In one of the answers, he proposed to use “meese” as an answer there. Did it work out for him? One thing was accomplished in that Weller achieved fame in the online world. He would be a trending topic on social media after his answer. Viewers were getting a kick out of his use of the word “meese.”

Let’s get down to some nitty-gritty information here. Weller was answering a question that came from the Jeopardy! category “Plurals That Don’t End in S.” Weller’s clue was the word “Moose.” He replied, “What are meese?” Well, Weller’s reply managed to get a little giggle out of Ken Jennings and Weller, too. Alicia O’Hare, Weller’s fellow contestant, would end up having the correct answer. It is possible that Weller, who is a law student from San Diego, California, had his mind set on the word “geese.” That happens to be the plural for “goose” and it’s possible that word was on his mind when answering. See, it was a bit of a trick question, Yahoo! reports.

Fan Reactions Pile Up For ‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant

Weller was getting fan reactions from people watching the show and going on Twitter. Some people even found the situation one that they could relate to in their lives. One person wrote, “I just loved that. So cute! And so human!” Another Twitter user said, “In fairness, it’s a logical train of thought.” Even Weller joined in on the fun on Twitter. He quoted a post from the official Jeopardy! account captioned, “A goose is to geese what a moose is to .. uh … well, tell ’em, Jack!” Weller did share the post and added this witty caption, “Potato, poteese.”

This honest mistake did not keep him from winning on Tuesday’s Second Chance Competition. Weller advanced to the finals that happened on Thursday’s episode. Weller, though, would not come away as a winner on Thursday. That honor goes to Rowan Ward. Jennings is manning the podium right now for this competition. Once it is done, then he will go back to his daily show duties. Oh, he’s also getting geared up for the Tournament of Champions. That’s something Ken knows a lot about from his own career. What about Mayim Bialik? You can see her on Celebrity Jeopardy! that runs on ABC. She also will take over on the daily show as host once Jennings’ time is through.