‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Say This Contestant Was ‘Snubbed’ By the Show

by Caitlin Berard

On October 17, just a month after the start of Season 39, Jeopardy!‘s brand new Second Chance Tournament will begin. In the course of the two-week event, contestants who didn’t earn the title of champion but showed extraordinary promise will be invited back to the Jeopardy! stage for a second chance.

As always, contestants will compete in groups of three. Those who win their first games will move on to the finals, where they will compete against two other winners of the week. At the end of the tournament, two players will move on to the Tournament of Champions.

Those invited back for a coveted (and first ever) second chance with the iconic game show include:

  • Isaac Applebaum
  • James Fraser
  • Sadie Goldberger
  • Aaron Gulyas
  • Molly Karol
  • Alicia O’Hare
  • Do Park
  • Tom Philipose
  • Tracy Pitzel
  • Nikkee Porcaro
  • Renee Russell
  • Pam Schoenberg
  • Jeff Smith
  • Sarah Snider
  • Jessica Stephens
  • Rowan Ward
  • Jack Weller
  • Cindy Zhang

Jeopardy! is currently on its summer hiatus, airing reruns in their daily time slot rather than new episodes. The start of Season 39 is still a full month away, leaving plenty of time to air some of the most exciting moments of the past.

According to Executive Producer Mike Davies, this year’s batch of reruns is special. Rather than a seemingly random mix, Davies and other Jeopardy! producers “hand-picked” each episode.

The episodes include “some of our favorite episodes of [Season 38], featuring our closest games, super-champions, and some of the people who will be announced as part of our inaugural Second Chance competition,” Davies announced on the game show’s official website.

‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Noticed One Second Chance Contestant Won’t Appear in Reruns

As promised, the summer reruns have included many of the Second Chance Tournament contestants. In fact, according to the TV schedule for the rest of the rerun season, all of the contestants will appear in an episode – all except one.

One Jeopardy! fan, anxious to learn what the rest of the summer had in store, studied the TV schedule closely. And to their disbelief, they found that only one Second Chance Tournament contestant wasn’t included.

“One odd thing,” they wrote on Twitter. “Assuming the last [rerun] episode (Sept 9) will be Alicia O’Hare, this includes all the Season 38 Second Chance Tournament contestants EXCEPT Sarah Snider (5/5/22).”

The reaction to this finding was a mixed bag. Some fans defended the game show, claiming that the reason Sarah Snider wasn’t included is that she was defeated by Mattea Roach. Mattea already appears in four rerun episodes, and, according to the fan, a fifth would’ve been one too many.

Another fan, however, pointed out that Amy Schneider is in more than four rerun episodes. As such, there doesn’t appear to be a cap on the number of reruns in which a contestant is featured. Then Sarah Snider herself chimed in, joking that she “didn’t like” the snub with an Office gif.

The only person who knows for sure why Sarah Snider was left out is Michael Davies himself. Now, Davies has proven that he always has an ear to the ground with the Jeopardy! fandom. So the potentially accidental snub would be a great topic for an upcoming Inside Jeopardy! podcast episode.