‘Jeopardy!’ Contestants Leave Fans Stunned After Two Questionable Bids

by Caitlin Berard

On Monday night (July 11), lawyer Steve Clarke defeated math professor Robert Won with his impeccable betting strategy. A mere 24 hours later, however, his questionable bid caused an uproar among the Jeopardy! fanbase.

Steve Clarke’s first night as champion was going relatively well. As the contestants reached Final Jeopardy, the champ was $10,000 ahead of his competitors, history teacher Ben Caller and business developer Tehmeena Malik.

Mayim Bialik then read the clue: “Discovered in 1877, they were named for siblings of the Greek god of love.”

Ben responded with the correct answer, “What are Phobos and Deimos?”. However, he wagered only $3,000, leaving him $7,000 short of Steve’s overall score.

Steve then gave his response, guessing, “What is Sagittarius?” As you can see, he was incorrect. But since he only wagered $1, it didn’t do much to hurt his score.

‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Slam Contestants’ Confusing Wagers

Judging by his measly one-dollar wager, one can assume that Jeopardy! champion Steve didn’t know the answer but was certain the one he gave was incorrect.

The defensive betting strategy was unpopular among fans, however, who took to social media to criticize the newest champ. “Steve is such a boring champion,” one fan wrote. “A wimpy Final Jeopardy wager cost Ben the win,” another complained.

They could only be so angry at Steve, though. After all, it was Ben’s conservative bet that allowed Steve to remain champion at the end of the day.

Ben had $10,000 going into Final Jeopardy. Had he bet it all, it would’ve put the final scores at Ben – $20,000 and Steve – $19,999, giving Ben the win by a dollar. As Steve already had the lead, Ben really had nothing to lose by going all in.

Contestant Tehmeena Shares Hilarious Trivia Story

Though Tehmeena Malik wasn’t in contention for Jeopardy! champion, she still delighted fans with her charming personality and entertaining stories. Her pre-show anecdote, in particular, had host Mayim Bialik doubled up with laughter.

“Why were you once disqualified from poolside trivia while vacationing in Mexico?” Mayim asked, already struggling to keep a steady voice.

“So, my husband and I were in Cabo a few years ago,” Tehmeena replied. “And it was a lot of seniors at the time. There was poolside trivia being held and I participated because I love trivia. And because no one else was participating, I was winning by default and getting all the answers right.”

“The host accused me of cheating, disqualified me,” she continued. “And so, I hope one day to go back to that resort in Cabo and take his job.”