‘Jeopardy!’: Could This Big TV News Spell Permanent Hosting Gig for Ken Jennings?

by Joe Rutland

Jeopardy! fans are looking for any sign or signal about who will become the permanent host and many hope that it’s Ken Jennings. There is news that the Mayim Bialik sitcom Call Me Kat has been renewed by Fox for another season. With this update, fans think that Jennings will be the shoo-in for being behind the podium full-time.

Fans of ‘Jeopardy!’ Hope This News For Mayim Bialik Changes Host Set-up

They are airing their thoughts about this news and Jennings’ future in a thread on Reddit. “I find it hilarious that this is being posted in this subreddit,” one person writes as the comments were in the Jeopardy! subreddit. “I mean, I get why, and I fully support Bialik being too busy to be involved in Jeopardy in any capacity. But it’s still funny.” Another fan says, “Thank. God. This should be another good sign pointing towards Ken hosting the syndicated show full-time.”

This Redditor is done with the double host set-up on the show. “Cmon Sony, name someone and end this damn hosting charade”, the person writes. We have another Jeopardy! fan dialing in with a hot thought. “I’m hoping this means Mayim Bialik is just the prime time specials host like originally intended and that we are getting full-time Ken for daytime,” the commenter writes. “Part of me is still prepared for disappointment, though.” Want another opinion? “Would be amusing if someone at FOX at a decision-making level was a huge J! fan and wants Ken as host and is just renewing it for that reason.”

‘Call Me Kat’ Star Was Named Cohost Originally With Mike Richards

Fans of the show have been watching this situation very closely. There has been some word in the past that Jennings actually was longtime host Alex Trebek’s choice. Bialik was named a cohost along with Mike Richards but Richards is out. He was ousted over misogynistic comments he’d made in the past. Richards was also an executive producer of Jeopardy! but he’s gone now.

Jennings’ fans have been keeping track of his own activities. Recently, he announced that he was stepping away as a part of the ABC game show The Chase. People think this might have been done as a precursor for a full-time role on Jeopardy! In another recent word, Jennings said he was not going to be around as a host “for a few months.”

All the changes that the show has been through are not enough to drive away many fans. They still tune in on a daily basis to see contestants win. Mattea Roach set the world on fire recently en route to a Tournament of Champions spot. She’s already making plans around how to spend her winnings.