‘Jeopardy!’ Cracks Joke About Tournament of Champions Qualifiers

by Leanne Stahulak

The incredible streak of multi-day champions continues on “Jeopardy!”, leaving some to wonder how they’ll make room for everyone in the Tournament of Champions.

During most seasons, only a rare few contestants qualify for a spot in the ToC. They have to win four or five consecutive games at the least, which is no easy feat. Until this past season’s contestants, apparently, proved it’s not such a long shot.

Already, the official “Jeopardy!” Tournament of Champions Tracker lists 15 contestants who are eligible. If any more contestants win enough games before the season ends, then someone might get cut from the list. Or they’ll have to recreate the bracket to accommodate everybody.

Host Mayim Bialik addressed this super-champion phenomenon in a video posted to the “Jeopardy!” Twitter page earlier this week. The caption on the video read, “All right, you guys, this is getting ridiculous. We can’t give EVERYONE a spot in the Tournament of Champions, can we?”

The caption seems to indicate that they can. Current champion Megan Wachspress might soon be on her way to becoming this season’s 16th super-champion, based on the video.

“We’ve had an unusual trend in recent months on ‘Jeopardy!” Bialik began. “One of multi-day champions like Megan Wachspress, who became a two-day winner on yesterday’s show.”

Wachspress has now won three games, going for four tonight. “Our last single game champion was defeated by Mattea Roach,” Bialik continued. “And since then, we’ve watched her and two other players — Ryan Long and Eric Ahasic — advance to the Tournament of Champions. Will Megan be the next contestant to secure a spot in the TOC?”

Here are the ‘Jepaprdy!’ Super Champions Who Have a Guaranteed Spot in the Tournament of Champions

Perhaps Megan Wachspress will win enough games to qualify for the upcoming Tournament of Champions. Or maybe she’ll just fall short, and a new champion will take her place. But the list of qualifying contenders is already lengthy and impressive.

At the top of the list, we have the Professors Tournament winner and National College Championship winner, Sam Buttrey and Jaskaran Singh. Then we have super-champion Amy Schneider, who won a record-breaking 40 games. Right behind her is Matt Amodio with 38 wins, and then Mattea Roach with 23. Ryan Long holds the next spot with 16 wins, followed by Jonathan Fisher with 11.

After that, the competition gets tough. Brian Chang and Courtney Shah still hold spots with 7 wins each. Recent champ Eric Ahasic and Zach Newkirk have 6 wins each, while Andrew He and Tyler Rhode have 5 wins. Jackie Kelly and John Focht qualify with four wins, which Wachspress is aiming for tonight.

If she’s successful, then it all comes down to how much she wins to determine if she’ll beat out the other contenders.