‘Jeopardy’ EP Hints at Show Making Hosting Announcement ‘Very Soon’

by Emily Morgan

For nearly a year, “Jeopardy!” has been chugging along without a permanent host behind the podium. Although we’ve seen Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings hand off hosting duties, and several A-list celebs have tried their hand at the gig, the show has still yet to name someone as Alex Trebek’s official successor. However, that may be coming to an end very soon.

At the recent Daytime Emmy Awards, the show continued its reign as the best game show winner. The show has also won the category for the last three consecutive years. “Jeopardy!” also has the most wins overall in the award’s history. However, the show faced some tumultuous moments this past year.

Former “Jeopardy!” executive producer Mike Richards was fired after a week due to past comments and controversial actions. As fans will recall, in August of 2021, the show named Richards as the new permanent host for the show’s regular daily broadcast. However, that came to a screeching halt when he got the ax after filming just five episodes.

“The scandal was, as we call it at ‘Jeopardy!,’ ‘the awkward months,'” executive producer Michael Davies said backstage at the recent awards show. “But it showed the power of our audience and how passionately our fans care about the program, which is just so important.”

According to Davies, thanks to fan-favorite contestants such as Amy Schneider, the show was able to have a newfound resurgence. This kept viewers, old and new, tuning in every night.

“What’s happened over the course of the season — Matt Amodio, and Amy Schneider and Mattea [Roach] and Ryan [Long] — really made us just remember how incredible the game is. The stars of our show and Mayim [Bialik] and Ken [Jennings] have done incredible job hosting,” he added.

‘Jeopardy!’ EP clears the air about hosting announcement

Davies revealed that the show might be naming someone as the full-time host sooner than we think.

“We hope to have a hosting announcement very, very soon,” Davies said before adding an explanation. “But with all of our plans for ‘Jeopardy!’ — which is more ‘Jeopardy!,’ not less, more versions —we’re going to need multiple hosts to represent the entire audience, to represent the entire country, in order to take this franchise forward.”

It sounds like the esteemed quiz show is switching to having multiple permanent hosts instead of a single person. However, it’s still unclear whether that means there will be permanent hosts who perform alongside one another on an episode. Will it be a revolving door of permanent hosts, or are there plans to launch new versions of the show?

Additionally, there have been rumors that current interim host Mayim Bialik may be recruited to host “Celebrity Jeopardy!” permanently.