‘Jeopardy!’ Execs Reveal Major Change for Season 39

by Sean Griffin

According to a Reddit post on a Jeopardy! thread, the show’s executives have announced another major change for Season 39.

One user named u/AcrossTheNight wrote about a new strict limit on Final Jeopardy! wagers.

“On the Inside Jeopardy podcast last night, Sarah said there is now a strict five minute limit for FJ wagers, with a 30 second warning. Failure to lock in a wager in that time period would cause the contestant to lose the ability to wager.”

On Reddit, fans seemed pretty divided on the issue. “Five minutes really sounds like ample time to make a wager,” one fan wrote. That comment received over 130 upvotes. However, one comment sharply replied: “If you can’t make a wager in 5 minutes, you probably don’t deserve to win.”

Another fan questioned what would happen if a contestant were to lose the ability to wager. They wondered if their wager would be worth zero or everything the contestant has. Another user responded back “The only thing that makes sense would be a zero wager.”

Clearly, the issue has divided fans. Some believe that the change was unnecessary and that five minutes is too little time to come up with proper calculations. However, others hold the opposite opinion, and that five minutes is ample time to produce a wager.

However, this newly announced rule isn’t the only change awaiting fans during Season 39. A change concerning the Clue Crew was announced a few days ago.

‘Jeopardy!’ Also To Abandon Its Long-Standing Clue Crew

Jeopardy! fans have endured many changes to the beloved show over the past few years. The unfortunate death of long-time host Alex Trebek marked the eventual announcement of Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik as co-hosts.

However, Season 39 brings new changes to the show, as well. Since live tapings of the show have begun, some changes to the new season began leaking.

As The Sun detailed, those lucky enough to witness tapings as live audience members noted a major change.

It’s official: the Jeopardy! Clue Crew is no more. The four-person team once helped Alex Trebek read off clues from themed categories. Normally, members of the Clue Crew reported from locations around the world to recite a clue. However, it seems that Season 38 marked the end of the Clue Crew.

The Ringer’s Claire McNear relayed the news on Twitter in a lengthy Clue Crew-related thread.

As stated before, Jeopardy! fans are used to changes, especially with the barrage of guest hosts in recent years. However, this really doesn’t change the actual game format. One Clue Crew member, Kelly Miyahara, left the show in 2019. Two of the Clue Crew are still working on the staff: Sarah Whitcomb Foss produces for the show, while Jimmy McGuire serves show’s stage manager.

In July, McGuire tweeted about his “final lap” as a Clue Crew member of 21 years.

While the Clue Crew seems gone for good, the show will most likely stick to having celebrities and other guest readers recite clues to keep the show lively.