‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Are Going Off on the Show Over ‘Spoiler-Filled Commercials’

by Tia Bailey

The beloved gameshow “Jeopardy!” is currently in between seasons. The new season premieres next month, and in the meantime, they are airing reruns from the most recent season. There was some confusion about this amongst fans who thought the show was being spoiled in previews.

It is standard for “Jeopardy!” to air reruns during the breaks between seasons. However, the ads are also showing clips from that season, and fans thought that they were being shown spoilers. One fan took to Reddit to complain.

In the r/Jeopardy subreddit, a user shared a hidden post with a spoiler alert. The post was titled “spoiler commercials,” and the post read: “Lately, I’ve been seeing commercials just before FJ that show the next day’s contestants, including the present day’s champion, which obviously takes some of the fun out of FJ. I’m not sure if this is Jeopardy’s doing, or my local network affiliate(DC area). Anyone else seeing this?”

Fellow fans were quick to explain to the original poster that they were being shown commercials from last season. The top comment reads “What station? Showing the next day’s players before FJ is a no-no. Jeopardy itself shows the next day’s players immediately after FJ during the credits roll. Johnny announces their names, too. Also… you are watching Jeopardy reruns until September 12. Maybe they’re showing you the next day’s game … from last season?”

The original poster responded, saying: “WJLA…last week was reruns…I thought tonight’s was current, but maybe I’m wrong on that. That would explain it better.”

Jeopardy! Comes Back in Less Than a Month with New Hosting

They explained their thought process in another comment, writing: “Yeah, I agree. I just didn’t realize it was still reruns as the tv info had that day’s date, and the host had gone back to Ken, after being Mayim. And as I’d seen Ken may be the new permanent host, I jumped straight to thinking we were back on new eps.”

In the end, all was well, and the original poster added an update to the post: “UPDATE: I realize now we’re still in reruns, which is the reason for this. Thanks for everyone’s input.”

Although this was not a spoiler, another fan on Reddit did slip a moment we will see in the upcoming season. An audience member shared on the website that they had brought co-host Ken Jennings’ memoir, “Brainiac,” to the taping with them in hopes that Jennings would sign it. They shared the whole experience in the r/Jeopardy subreddit.

The crew ended up working hard to make sure the fan would have the opportunity to ask for the autograph, and Jennings did sign it, making for an “amazing” moment that viewers can watch in the upcoming season, which begins September 12.