‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Blast Host Mayim Bialik for ‘Cutting Off’ Contestant Before Getting Overruled

by Shelby Scott

Game show host Mayim Bialik may have aided in bringing Jeopardy! back from potential ruin following the exit of controversial former host Mike Richards. However, currently, she just can’t seem to catch a break from fans. For decades, Jeopardy! has been known for its supportive, open-minded audience. This year though, Bialik has endured criticism for a number of things, from wardrobe choices to game show categories. Now, the Jeopardy! host is seeing more backlash after cutting off one contestant, with her decision later overruled by judges.

Megan Wachpress is Jeopardy!‘s current champ, recently defeating former champion Eric Ahasic in an extremely close wager. On Monday, Wachpress was incorrectly “snubbed” by Bialik during the night’s broadcast. As per The U.S. Sun, the clue that led to the controversy read, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t do this.”

Wachpress buzzed in with a response first. She stated, “What is: Drink… what is make–,” but before she could finish, the game show host responded, “No.”

Wachpress, ready with the right answer, tried to continue with, “What is: Make them drink.”

However, the actress and Jeopardy! host continued to cut her off, again stating, “No.”

Instead, fellow contestant Ketty buzzed in, stating, “What is: Make them drink.” Bialik awarded Ketty, rather than Wachpress, the $400 for the clue. Jeopardy! fans, never shy in voicing their opinions, took to social media to blast Bialik.

‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Call Mayim Bialik’s Latest Flub ‘Garbage’

We’ve seen some controversial calls over 38 seasons of Jeopardy! however, Monday night’s broadcast left fans absolutely fuming. Taking to social media, one viewer vented, “WTF Mayim cut her off mid delivery and says no before she could expand her answer. Two shows in a row of true garbage rulings.”

Others simply stated, “That ruling sucked, sorry.”

Angry commenters bombarded Twitter following Bialik’s move, however, after Jeopardy! returned from a commercial break, Bialik recanted her ruling.

Addressing the audience, and Megan Wachpress specifically, the game show host and actress said, “Before we get to Double Jeopardy we have a change in score to announce and Megan it affects you.”

She continued, “The judges have reviewed the tape and you did begin your correct response before I ruled you incorrect. In the Horse Idioms category we will be adding $800 to your score [so] the scores are now correct.”

Plenty of fans were relieved that Jeopardy!‘s judges corrected the ruling, but they were still ticked about how the situation was initially handled.

“Megan CLEARLY started her second response before Mayim’s ruling,” one viewer insisted. “Good call to overturn that miss.”

Mayim Bialik’s controversial ruling came after another flub that aired just days before. Ahead of cutting off the game show’s current champ, Bialik caught backlash for deeming another contestant’s answer wrong due to her handwriting. While she and Megan Wachpress provided the same answer, “Harriet Tubman,” the latter’s competitor was deemed incorrect because her answer was written in script.