‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Can’t Get Enough of Mattea Roach’s Victory Dance After 20th Win

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Scott Wintrow/Getty Images)

At just 23 years old, Mattea Roach has locked her place in “Jeopardy!” history, seeing her way to a 20-game win streak this week. And while the quirky law student has already gained a massive fan following since making her debut on the game show, she’s seeing even more love after her little victory dance following her latest win.

On Monday, Mattea Roach doubled down on a Daily Double, and while The U.S. Sun reports she did not get the clue correct, she first did a little jig over her advantage in the round. Lightly clenching her hands into fists, she bounced her shoulders alternately in a little dance. While some fans have found her style of playing fun and engaging, others have become annoyed with the law student’s unique gameplay manner.

The outlet further reports that while Mattea Roach has achieved her 20th win—tying for the fifth-longest winning streak ever—some viewers think she’s “cocky,” slamming her “clue-interrupting” style.

“Mattea is a very smart player with a lot of knowledge,” one fan Tweeted. But they continued, “She’s also incredibly annoying and must be stopped.”

Another disgruntled fan said of Mattea Roach’s “Jeopardy!” performances, “She adds words to her answers all the time, and they shouldn’t be accepted. Also no one needs to hear your wager reasoning.”

Still, others supported Mattea Roach in all her “Jeopardy!” glory.

“Screw the haters,” one of Mattea’s fans said. “[She’s] obviously just having fun out there.”

‘Jeopardy!’ Host Ken Jennings’s Humorous Mattea Roach Recap

So far, we can confirm two things about the current “Jeopardy!” champ, Mattea Roach: she currently boasts a historic 20-game winning streak, and the show’s fanbase is largely divided over her gameplay style.

However, ahead of taking home her latest win on Monday night, “Jeopardy!” host Ken Jennings shared with fans a humorous recap of what we know about Mattea Roach so far.

He kicks off the recap on a more serious note, reviewing, “Although Mattea lives in Toronto, she hails from Halifax. She’s taken the LSAT and now tutors others preparing for the test.”

Jennings then quipped, “She once crashed a car in slow motion and didn’t drive again for six years. Her childhood nickname was either ‘Poor Cinderella’ or ‘Porcelain Gorilla’ depending on who you ask.”

Both above comments elicited laughter from both the “Jeopardy!” audience and our current champ. More seriously, the game show host concluded, “she owes much of her ‘Jeopardy!’ success, she says, to her high school debate coach.”

While Jennings’ recap helped fans of the game show reflect more closely on Mattea Roach as an individual, she definitely stands out as one of the most notable “Jeopardy!” contestants. Her youth already separates her from many former “Jeopardy!” champs, but her aesthetic has helped fans more closely relate to the contestant. Boasting seven tattoos, a septum piercing, and stylish wire-rimmed glasses, Mattea Roach often stands out against fellow “Jeopardy!” contestants.