‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Can’t Get Over How Amazing Ryan Long’s Journey Was on the Show

by Megan Molseed

As we all know, even the most legendary Jeopardy! contestants see impressive runs come to an end on the long-running game show. And, with an impressive 16 consecutive wins under his belt, Jeopardy! champ Ryan Long stepped off the stage for the last time as he fell to contestant Eric Ahasic in a recent match-up.

Now, fans of the Philadelphia-based rideshare driver are sending all their support to the champion. Discussing the impressive journey the contestant has taken over the last few weeks. Some fans even note that they are excited to tune in for his return to the TV game show this fall when he takes on other champions in the famous Tournament Of Champions.

Recently, fans of the iconic answer-question game show posted to Reddit discussing Ryan Long’s impressive story – and even more impressive run on Jeopardy! A run that landed the contestant among some other big-time Jeopardy! legends such as Ken Jennings.

“With what he went through in his life, from ‘barely’ passing high school, working all kinds of jobs, and having to go to the hospital twice, his success was well deserved,” notes one Jeopardy! fan of Long. “I hope it only goes up for him from now on.”

Another fan looked to a quote from Ryan Long, noting how even his statement is incredibly moving.

“But I’ve also been reminded that I still have dreams and ambitions,” the Reddit user quotes Long as saying. “And that it’s okay to care about myself enough to have them,” the quote continues.

“Well written and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy,” the Redditor continues.

“When he was deep in his streak I often said, “I hope this guy never has to drive Uber again,'” one poster writes. “Congratulations, Ryan!”

It’s Easy To See How Ryan Long Quickly Became A Fan-Favorite

Another Jeopardy! fans posts to the thread commenting on the kindness Ryan Long shows during his championship run on the TV game show. And, how impressive it is that Long has been able to realize this dream.

“And a good reminder that this is why they have the rule in daily episode threads to be decent to contestants,” the commenter adds.

“They’re not multi million dollar ‘earning’ celebrities or sports figures that specifically signed up to a life in the public eye,” the Redditor continues. “They came on a brainy game show to fulfill a dream and maybe win some money.”

Of course, other fans are counting down the days until they see Long return to the Jeopardy! stage competing in this fall’s Tournament Of Champions (TOC).

“I like Ryan. I really wish him the best and can’t wait to see him on the TOC,” one Redditor comments. “Which is going to be an amazing TOC for sure!”

“Yeah,” agrees another fan. “This one is going to be absolutely nuts. So many people to root for.”