‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Criticize Mayim Bialik for This Major ‘Mistake’

by Caitlin Berard

As Mayim Bialik quickly learned after accepting the position of interim host, Jeopardy! fans are dedicated in the extreme. They don’t just watch, they celebrate their favorite contestants passionately and criticize any missteps in the hosting and overall running of the game show in equal measure.

And when a major mistake crosses their path, Jeopardy! is sure to hear about it. During the July 4th episode of the show, fans were outraged by an error that almost cost one of the contestants a whopping $4,000. Thankfully, judges reviewed the decision and reversed it. The damage was done, however, and fans took to social media to express their disgust.

The $4,000 Error on ‘Jeopardy!’

The incident started with Mayim Bialik reading out the clue. “From a Latin word for ‘to clock,’ it’s the type of care given to seriously ill patients to provide comfort without curing,” she said.

To his disappointment, contestant Yunsheng gave the incorrect response, giving his fellow contestant, Andie, a shot at the prize. “Pallative care,” Andie guessed, before quickly correcting himself. “Palliative care,” she said instead, just as the clock was running out.

As he gave the correct answer, however, Mayim Bialik cut in to declare him incorrect. “That was ridiculous. Clearly started to correct before she ruled,” one fan fumed. “I was scratching my head on that one. Totally answered in time!” another said.

Judges Overturn Mayim Bialik’s Decision

In addition to the outrage from fans, even Andie’s fellow contestants appeared confused by Mayim Bialik’s decision. And shortly after, it was overturned. Following Eleanor’s snag of an elusive Daily Double, Mayim paused the game to announce the change.

“We have a score change and, Andie, it affects you,” she explained. “The judges have reviewed your response, and you corrected your response of ‘palliative care’ before I began to rule you incorrect. We will be adding $4000 to your score. That puts you in the lead.”

As angered as they were by the mistake, Jeopardy! fans expressed immense relief in the judges’ ruling. “Glad the judges overruled Mayim’s hasty ‘NO,'” one fan wrote. “I was gonna say…I thought Andie began her corrected pronunciation of “palliative” before Mayim ruled against her. Glad to see the judges intervened,” another said.

Unfortunately for Andie, it wasn’t enough to secure a victory, and it was Yungsheng who took the crown. Following the episode, however, Andie revealed that she had no hard feelings.

“It was so much fun to watch [Jeopardy!] tonight with family and friends rooting me on from all over the country. Congrats to Yungsheng Wang,” she wrote on Twitter. “So fast on the buzzer and such a great competitor!”