‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Divided Over Matt Amodio’s Return for the Tournament of Champions

by Chris Piner

Back in July, the hit game show Jeopardy! ended its 38th season with many memorable moments. But while the show won’t return until the fall, that doesn’t mean fans aren’t noticing some minor changes to their popular show. With the new season in production, fans tuned in during the first week of August to watch some of their favorite moments of the tournament. But this year, they watched as the lineup changed. Instead of repeats, the executive producer of Jeopardy!, Michael Davies and his team, decided to “handpick six weeks of some of [their] favorite episodes of the season, featuring [the] closest games, super-champions.”

Some fans of Jeopardy! weren’t that thrilled about the change while others voiced their thoughts on the reruns featuring champion Matt Amodio. Already scheduled to make an appearance in the 2022 Tournament of Champions, Amodio wowed viewers when he accumulated 38 wins. And with those wins came a staggering $1.5 million in earnings.

Excited to see his championship run once more, some fans congratulated the Ph.D. student. One person wrote, “Matt is one of my favorites,” while another added, “Love you Matt!!!” And one even suggested, “Matt all the way!”

Not A Fan Of Matt Amodio

But again, while some welcomed Matt Amodio to the hiatus reruns of Jeopardy!, others had a different opinion on the Ohio native. “I’ve been watching the reruns this week; one rerun was was more entertaining than the others. Hat’s off to Matt but I don’t find him super entertaining.”

Agreeing with the person, another user tweeted, “This is not what I wanted to see during the summer. You need to go back to the old [format] of repeating the tournaments that you’ve always been doing. Not interested at all and will not be watching.”

Jeopardy! Says Goodbye To Clue Crew

As for other changes to Jeopardy!, the show returned to filming in front of a live audience. And with that, fans are getting some clues as to what the new season will look like. Most surprisingly, it seems the game show decided to get rid of the favorite Clue Crew. For those who might not know, the Clue Crew often traveled all over the world to help read off clues for certain themed categories. But it appears the Clew Crew is no more. 

What is even more surprising than the Clue Crew being disbanded, back in 2001, late host Alex Trebek warned about the crew being too good.  ”All TV shows evolve over time to stay fresh, whether it’s changing hosts or the decor on the set. We’re not tinkering with the format. We’re just presenting material on the show in a newer way. It’s a way of trying to keep up with the times. I hope they’re not too good, because then somebody will look at them and say, ‘Geez, we ought to think about replacing Trebek.”’