‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Go Off on Mayim Bialik, Slam Category That ‘Made No Sense’

by Taylor Cunningham

Jeopardy! fans have fallen in love with temporary host Mayim Bialik. But after tonight’s “Texting Abbreviations” category chaos, it seems that even the most adoring of those fans are a bit miffed with her.

In said category, most people assumed Bialik would pose questions about abbreviations for actual sayings like “be right back” or “in my opinion.” But instead, she asked players about abbreviations that were seemingly completely made up.

The first question read, “Talk to you tomorrow, I’m ‘OTB’.” And after a few perplexed looks, two-day champ Eric was able to muster up the correct response, which was “off to bed.” But after that, not a single person could come up with an answer.

One clue was “FC is this hopeful condition,” which was completely lost on the players. According to Bialik, FC stands for “fingers crossed.”

Another tough question was “Where Have You Been? ‘LTNS,'” which also earned no reply. The answer? “Long Time No See.” 

Following the episode, fans were beside themselves about Texting Abbreviations. Because if the most talented trivia gurus couldn’t figure them out, something was wrong.

“Sry but no one uses those texting abbreviations #Jeopardy,” someone wrote on Twitter.

“None of these texting abbreviations are real,” someone else added about the questions that another claimed came from a “stupid category.”

The ‘Jeopardy!’ Category Snafu Led to More Cracks at Host Mayim Bialik

Unfortunately, the Texting Abbreviations category got the audience riled up. And once the clues were over, they continued to hand Mayim Bialik grievances.

Some of the continued issues stemmed from the final Jeopardy! question, which was under the category “Writers Old and New.”

The clue was “this 2013 bestseller shares its title with the first section of a poem from 7 centuries before,” and the answer was “Inferno.” Again, no one answered it correctly.

Apparently, people were not ok with the clue. And they decided it was Bialik’s fault that it came into existence.

“Today may be the worst Final Jeopardy clue in the history of the program. It is as bad as Mayim Bialik is,” another Twitter user griped. “No one got it.”

Then, since people were already fueled, they decided to just let Bialik have it by telling her all the ways she bothers them.

One person took aim and her habit of looking down at the cue cards after responses and building unnecessary tension.

“Mayim’s delay on right or wrong leaves me and the contestants clutching their pearls.”

And another person simply yet brutally asked, “So, when is Mayim done hosting?”

In all, we’d say that Mayim Bialik didn’t have a great day at work today. But hopefully, she can turn things around. Because as her tag in host coach Ken Jennings shared, he won’t be back behind the podium “for months.”