‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Outraged by ‘Record-Low Moment’ in Recent Episode

by Caitlin Berard

Since its original release in 1964, Jeopardy! has produced more than 8,000 episodes entertaining fans with lighthearted competition between everyday people. And though the show wouldn’t be approaching its 60th anniversary if the majority of those episodes weren’t a success, it’s unrealistic to expect all of them to be hits.

Like any show, Jeopardy! has a questionable episode now and then. It’s virtually impossible to produce nothing but excellence with an entirely scripted series, let alone one with as many variables as a game show.

With more than 9 million nightly viewers, however, the Jeopardy! fandom is a bit like the wild west. There are no rules and one false move can land you in the snake pit.

Fanciful language aside, the series’ most ardent fans are exceptionally invested in the show. And while they’re passionately dedicated to the contestants and hosts they enjoy, they also never fail to vocalize their disappointment when it arises.

A recent episode of Jeopardy! incited extreme disappointment among fans, as they felt the performances of both the host and the contestants fell flat.

Fans Call Latest ‘Jeopardy!’ Episode the ‘All-Time Worst’

It’s not unusual for a moment on Jeopardy! to receive some heat from the fanbase. Last night’s episode, however, was ridiculed by fans from beginning to end. Along with the lack of their favorite host, Ken Jennings, the episode also included a rather shocking number of triple stumpers.

Throughout the game, a whopping 15 clues went without a correct response from any of the contestants. That’s a quarter of the total clues! It was an awkward episode, to say the least. And, as always, fans took to Twitter to express their exasperation.

“Tonight’s Jeopardy! had the all-time worst questions,” one fan wrote. “Are these people awake?!” said another. “Has to be a record for unanswered clues,” a third added.

Contestant Jeff Won the Hearts of Fans With a Touching Story

For many fans, the only thing worth seeing in the episode was Jeff’s victory. The two-game champ shared a moving story before capturing his first win, cementing himself as a favorite among fans.

“You made a very specific gesture,” Mayim Bialik noted of the contestant. “You touched your chin when we got to you in Final Jeopardy. Do you want to tell us what that means?”

Jeff replied that it was a silent shout-out to his late mother. “My mother was very sick for a long time,” he explained. “And I took care of her for years and we used to watch Jeopardy! every night.”

“And I said… ‘I promise you when I am on Jeopardy! someday I’m going to do this,” Jeff said while tapping his chin three times for good luck. “‘Only you will know that this is for you.'”