‘Jeopardy!’ Fans ‘Pleasantly Surprised’ by Second Chance Tournament Roster

by Caitlin Berard

Season 39 of Jeopardy! is on the way, and with it, a host of exciting updates to the franchise. Not only is there a new Jeopardy! podcast and 24/7 streaming channel but there’s also the newest addition to Jeopardy!‘s special events – the Second Chance Tournament.

Introduced for the first time this year, the Second Chance Tournament is the creation of the game show’s newest showrunner, Michael Davies, though the producer explained that it wasn’t an original idea. “I started thinking about a Second Chance Tournament almost the day I started,” Davies wrote on the official Jeopardy! website.

“I thought, ‘Wow, wouldn’t it be a cool idea to have a tournament where we bring excellent contestants back?'” he continued. “Like most good ideas, it was quickly apparent that many, many other people – both inside and outside the show – had exactly the same thought, long before me. But now we’re actually going to do it, and slot it in right before the [Tournament of Champions].”

At first, fans didn’t think anything of the subtle mention of the Tournament of Champions. Now, however, it’s become clear that the connection was intentional.

The Rules of the Second Chance Tournament

The Second Chance Tournament will take place across two weeks and feature a total of 18 participants. The first nine will compete in week one, split into groups of three across three days (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday).

On Thursday and Friday, the winners of those games will face each other in a two-day final. The player with the highest cumulative dollar amount wins. That player then advances to the Tournament of Champions! The process begins again in week two, at the end of which a second player is added to the ToC roster.

‘Jeopardy!’ Fans React to Second Chance Roster

Jeopardy! fans are nothing if not devoted to their favorite contestants. As such, it comes as no surprise that they were overjoyed by the news that many beloved runner-ups will return to the stage this fall.

“Yess!! I predicted many of these,” one fan said with glee in a recent Reddit thread. “Pleasantly surprised to see Nikkee I wasn’t sure she’d make it but she did! Congratulations to everybody who was chosen looks like it will be a fun tournament.”

“All I can say from this… A strong lineup indeed,” added another. “Can’t wait to see all this go down,” wrote a third. “I’ve gotten to know a lot of these people since, and it’s great to have a field of people I can root for.”

And, of course, fans couldn’t be happier for Sadie Goldberger, who fell victim to poor penmanship and lost her game in the dreaded “Harriet Tubma” fiasco of Season 38. Fans never forgave Jeopardy! for the cringe-worthy mistake. On the contrary, it was Sadie’s tragic loss that sparked the “inconsistent rulings” complaints.

“Happy to see justice for Sadie after the disappointing ending to her game,” one fan wrote. “I really hope that Sadie wins the ToC, honestly,” another agreed.