‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Point Out a Glaring Error on Official Merchandise

by Shelby Scott

Jeopardy! fans have no chill when it comes to the show’s technical errors, and this time fans have slammed the game show for a spelling misprint on one of its official merchandise.

According to The Sun, one Jeopardy! fan took to Reddit when they realized their official game show calendar, a $17 purchase on Amazon, featured an incorrectly written answer. As per the outlet, the daily calendar page for July 16th read, “Holly Hunter reprised her role as Elastigirl in this sequel,” with an answer of The Incredibles.

However, observant fans, noting the term “sequel,” argued the correct answer actually should have read The Incredibles 2. Lighting up Jeopardy!‘s question writers, fans took to social media to blast the long-running game show.

The Redditor’s original post read, “Jeopardy daily calendar mistake for July 16? Holly Hunter reprised her role as Elasticgirl in this sequel.” In response, another fan of the beloved show wrote, “Yes, it should be Incredibles 2.”

Another critical fan argued, “Totally Incredibles 2. Boy I really hope somebody got fired for that blunder.”

Ouch. That said, it was a pretty noticeable technicality. More than a few Jeopardy! fans shared their thoughts about the blunder on Reddit. Others suggested that the answer “should have been phrased as ‘in the sequel to this movie.'”

Unfortunately, this is hardly Jeopardy!‘s first spelling mistake in recent weeks. Previously, the game show came under fire after two answers in two separate tapings, written in arguably messy handwriting, received different rulings. Ultimately, one player’s answer was deemed wrong while the other was able to move forward in the game show.

‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Irked By Show’s Inconsistent Rulings

There’s a good chance that Jeopardy! may not have caught as much flack for the calendar fumble had there not been two cases of spelling inconsistencies in two recent airings of the show. In addition, fans are irked because it seems the game shows hosts, Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings and actress Mayim Bialik, have two different sets of standards when it comes to spelling and formatting.

Basically, an episode that aired several weeks ago, with Bialik at the helm, saw contestant Sadie Goldberger’s answers dismissed due to allegedly poor handwriting. However, after the episode aired, many fans went online to insist they could read Goldberger’s answer clearly.

Then, more recently, another contestant, Erica Weiner-Amachi, buzzed in with her answer, though, for many fans, it was hardly legible. Nevertheless, Ken Jennings deemed the response correct, letting her move forward with greater earnings.

In tandem with the calendar misspelling, the inconsistencies have really gotten on viewers’ nerves. Taking to Twitter, one fan shared the aforementioned answers side by side, writing, “this didn’t count, but this one did?”

A second fan tagged Jeopardy! begging them to #MakeItMakeSense.