‘Jeopardy!’ Fans React to Ken Jennings’ Apparent Snub of Alex Trebek on What Would’ve Been 82nd Birthday

by Shelby Scott

Since Jeopardy!‘s longtime host Alex Trebek passed away in 2020, fans of the hit game show have been pulling for Ken Jennings to become the permanent host. Currently, the Jeopardy! champion shares the podium with actress and neuroscientist Mayim Bialik. However, when the latest episode of the game show aired on Friday night, fans were quick to criticize Jennings, calling him out for an apparent snub after making zero mention of what would have been Alex Trebek’s 82nd birthday.

As per The U.S. Sun, Friday’s episode of Jeopardy! kicked off as usual, with Ken Jennings taking to the stage to introduce the game show’s newest round of contestants including returning champ, Emmie Trammell. In introducing Tremmell, Jennings said, “On yesterday’s show, space camp veteran and amateurish astronomer named Emmie Trammell was trailing the leader practically throughout the whole game until Final Jeopardy when the stars aligned.”

From there, the rounds began, and when the time finally came to conclude the episode, still no mention had been made of Alex Trebek’s birthday. Fans, ever dedicated to his memory, were livid with both the game show host and producers.

Fans Beg ‘Jeopardy!’ to Honor Alex Trebek’s Memory

“Please honor Mr. Trebek’s memory and pay him the tribute he so richly deserves,” one disgruntled fan wrote.

Another simply said, “Ken Jennings is a joke,” while others shared just how important Alex Trebek truly was within Jeopardy!’s makeup.

All that said, there’s a chance that Jennings never made an on-air tribute to Alex Trebek given that the game show is filmed months in advance. As such, producers may not have been sure when the special episode would air.

Instead, Jeopardy! paid tribute to Alex Trebek on social media, writing, “Happy 82nd birthday to the man who showed us the power of knowledge. The outlet reports the game show’s newest champ posted, “Humbled and honored when I realized that my episode of Jeopardy! is airing on Alex Trebek’s birthday.”

Fans Welcome Back Ken Jennings As Host

Ken Jennings returned to host Jeopardy! earlier this week after taking several months’ break from the game show. However, as we saw above, that warm welcome didn’t last very long. Nevertheless, ahead of Friday’s apparent snub, Jeopardy! fans were eager to welcome Ken Jennings back as host. Mayim Bialik has gained a following of her own since joining the game show as one of its cohosts. However, Jennings is largely still the favorite. So when he returned to the podium earlier this week after taking a several months’ break from the show, fans were more than relieved.

Taking to social media, one fan posted, “So refreshing to have a host who actually listens to the contestant’s story and responds genuinely. For what it’s worth, I feel [the] lightning-fast and funny Ken Jennings is an unbeatable host of Jeopardy!