‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Reveal Their Favorite Way to Play Along From Home

by Joe Rutland

Everyone who plays Jeopardy! from the comfort and relative peace of their home does play along in their own way. You might simply watch and take notes. Meh, that sounds rather bland. What about yelling out the answers? I mean, if you find out before the contestant, then it’s a win, right? Some people might answer every single time and think about playing in person. In one famous Seinfeld episode, George Costanza, played by Jason Alexander, was sharp as a tack with his on-time responses. You don’t have to be famous or infamous, though, to play Jeopardy! The show put out a tweet and asked for fans to pitch in with their favorite at-home playing strategies.

Let’s see what some of these fans are talking about in their responses. One writes, “Yell out the answers!” Another one says, “I just yell out the answer, but not in question form!” OK now, if this person is looking to play for real, then that’ll have to be cleaned up there. This fan says, “Hollering out the answers with copious fistbumps.” Yeah, a lot of fans are definitely down for yelling out the answers. Here’s another one, “On my couch yelling 50/50 questions.” Now, this fan has some strategy in mind for watching at home. This person writes, “I fast-forward to the correct answer, then rewind to the question. My scores have been INCREDIBLE lately”. That’s cute.

‘Jeopardy!’ Hosts Keep Game Moving Along

Now, we also have a question for these fans. Will their strategies change with the different hosts? Like, do they have one with Ken Jennings behind the podium versus Mayim Bialik? Sometimes, it’s about rhythm and pacing on Jeopardy! and these fans know Ken and Mayim do things their way. Of course, we’re talking about being hosts. The game is played as it always has been and they keep moving it along.

Yet these fans are pretty dang sharp. They are keeping their eyes peeled for any abrupt changes on the show. Sure, the Jeopardy! game show has evolved some over the years. Still, it’s pretty much stayed as is since it first premiered on TV back in the 1960s. Yes, that was pre-Alex Trebek and it might be hard to believe the game show was on prior to him being the host. But it’s true. A man named Art Fleming would oversee the festivities on NBC. That version would leave network TV and not appear for a few years. When show creator Merv Griffin brought it back, he pegged Trebek to be the host. Yet Jeopardy! fans love to watch the in-game action as well as Final Jeopardy! and play along.