‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Ripped Mayim Bialik for Not Knowing About an Iconic Band

by Emily Morgan

Although fans made a commotion about Ryan Long’s 9th win on “Jeopardy!” it came after they criticized Mayim Bialik for not knowing an iconic rock band. The quiz show host made a bizarre blunder when she did her usual Q&A session with the contestants.

When Long revealed that he was a fan of the band Queen, Bialik took the time to point out something odd. “Speaking of music, you’re a huge fan of Queen…” she began. She then exclaimed, “Even before Wayne’s World made it popular!” Cue the eye roll from classic rock fans.

Ryan responded, “Uh yep, my brother … gave me a cassette when I was younger and I was the only one who knew all parts of Bohemian Rhapsody,” he added with a nervous chuckle, “When the movie came out.”

“So you were cool before it was cool!” Mayim said as she concluded the cringe segment.

After last night’s episode, Bialik may want to refresh her trivia knowledge on one of the greatest rock-n-roll bands of all time. Queen released their most well-known albums in the 1970s and played their famed Live Aid concert in 1985.

Twitter users rock-n-roll their eyes at Mayim Bialik’s Q&A session

As for the weird Wayne’s World comment, fans online were confused why “The Big Bang” actress thought the 1992 comedy starring Mike Myers and Dana Carvey “made Queen popular.”

On Twitter, fans had some not-so-nice thoughts. “Blossom [actress] hosting Jeopardy just said that the band Queen wasn’t popular prior to Wayne’s World. Can we please start a group to get her off this show?”

“Wayne’s World made Queen popular? WOW, that’s a take,” another user wrote. “I’m 33 so I don’t know everything but did Wayne’s World really make Queen popular? Were they struggling artists before that?” questioned another.

“Ummmm, Queen was popular way before Wayne’s World,” wrote someone else. On Wednesday, returning champ Ryan, a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania rideshare driver, hit the gas on his way to his ninth straight win with $173K total.

Mayim Bialik has taken her spot behind the podium for a third week in a row, returning after Ken Jennings spent three weeks hosting. However, the permanent hosting slot is still up for grabs and will be decided by when Season 38 concludes in July 2022.

Jennings and Bialik started vying for the gig in 2021 after many celebrity guest hosts began hosting. Long is now the highest-earning regular gameplay champ from the city of brotherly love. He has captured fans with his big bets and personality.

During Wednesday’s episode, Long revealed he grew up watching the show with his mom, who thought “Alex Trebek was so handsome.”

Long also admitted to having a soft side and shared he once fostered “four baby kittens” and “bottle-fed them.” Additionally, during his first Q&A, the contestant pumped out an Arnold Schwarzenegger impression.