‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Send Mayim Bialik Well Wishes After Host Reveals COVID Diagnosis

by Alex Falls

Jeopardy! host Mayin Bialik announced this week a positive diagnosis of COVID-19. Bialik is at home resting and recovering after the news, but she took the time to make the announcement to her followers on Instagram.

Her followers were quick to flood the comments section with messages of well wishes and hopes that she’ll make a quick recovery. “Feel better poor thing.” wrote one user with a sad emoji. “Oh no!!!! I’m so sorry. I hope it passes quick,” wrote another user who also offered up some sage reminders. “I know you’re smartly boosted up, so you’ll come though ok after a few very crappy days. Do the drill. You know it well. Rest. Liquids. Rest. Liquids. And a perfect excuse to order new cozy blankets and pjs!!!!!”

Bialik’s Hidden Battle

Bialik turned to Instagram again the day after her positive test result. She did confirm she’s feeling better. But she also offered a more in-depth discussion on her struggle with the disease and the impact it’s still having on the world.

“I will say something I have not anticipated is I have new anxiety about going out,” Bialik said in her video. “You know I’ve definitely been very vigilant and while I happened to be traveling in the safest way that I could – I know many people who have gotten Covid not from traveling. Part of me feels guilty for going out. And I’m sad, and worried. I’m worried about the world again and our health in the world.”

Her fans again took to the comments section to offer words of reassurance. Some thanked her for the frank discussion on anxiety. “Thank you for talking about your anxieties surrounding Covid,” wrote one user. “I have been a shut in since the beginning of this and rarely go out. The agoraphobia is very very real.”

Another user chimed in to reinforce the impact Covid can have on people who are disposed to anxiety. “There are lots of studies about the neurological effects of COVID and how it exacerbates anxiety symptoms in some people.” Bialik is clearly not alone in her struggle with anxiety based on the response from her followers. “I love that you say, those of us who have catastrophic thinking!! So true! Sending positive thoughts & vibes your way. Get well soon!”

Bialik’s 16-year-old son is battling the disease as well. Hopefully, the illness will soon be behind them, but it will take longer for her to shake the regret she’s feeling. “I’m just putting this out there: I’m feeling a lot of fear. Like why did I ever go out? Why did I think that anything was fine, ever?”