‘Jeopardy’ Fans Shocked After Ken Jennings Lets Four-Letter Word Slip

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by FOX via Getty Images)

What in the world got into Jeopardy! host Ken Jennings during a game that simply was an exhibition, not a real competition? If you have not heard about the outrage, then let’s catch you up to speed. Right now, the famed Tournament of Champions is going down with Jennings as the host. That makes sense since he’s a major winner in the show’s history. In the exhibition, Amy Schneider, Matt Amodio, and Mattea Roach all took part. That’s pretty cool right there. Yet what they, and maybe Jennings himself, were not expecting is what popped out of Ken’s mouth. Nope, it was not a piece of chewing gum.

See, Ken accidentally gave an answer away and let a curse word fly. In a row of clues titled “Numbers Please,” Jennings worked on pointing out a relationship between those answers and a specific player’s history with Jeopardy! “I don’t know if you noticed, but the numbers in that category are 40, 23, 38, and 74, which is larger than all of them – oh s**t!” Jennings said while realizing that he’d made a mistake, TV Insider reports. What happened here? The $200 clue in the row of them had the answer of “40” with it. That refers to the number of times that Schneider won in her original run. But that answer had not been revealed in the exhibition game yet.

Fan Reactions Were Hilarious To ‘Jeopardy!’ Host Ken Jennings’ Flub

Well, Schneider came online and share the answer. Yet the situation would be one that did bring out the comments from show fans and viewers. “Totally loving this unhinged episode of #jeopardy,” one fan wrote on Twitter. “Ken Jennings accidentally giving away an answer getting bleeped was awesome and everybody’s having a good ‘ol time!”

“Ken Jennings cursing on national TV was the gift I did not know that I needed today,” another fan shared on Twitter. This fan wrote about the situation, “Ken Jennings really is the true successor of Alex Trebek.” That happened to be shared with a video of Jennings making his snafu. It led people to even recall some more candid moments from the at-times stoic nature of Trebek. Well, it’s probably cool to see Ken crack up a little bit.

Jennings, as we said, is overseeing the Tournament of Champions right now. Once that is done, then he’ll have just a few more daily episodes to be the boss on. Mayim Bialik takes over for Jennings in the new year. Fans have seen the Call Me Kat actress take her place on Celebrity Jeopardy! that’s been running on ABC.