‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Slam This Contestant for ‘Making a Fool of Himself’ With ‘Over the Top’ Antics

by Caitlin Berard

Unlike most shows, Jeopardy! has only two main components – the host and the contestants. As such, an unusually bright spotlight is placed on both. Fans of the game show have an incredibly close connection with the series’ host (even though it’s very one-sided). And when a contestant comes along who sparks their interest, fans will cheer them on with a vehemence typically reserved for family and close friends.

When something happens that they don’t like, their passion remains strong, it simply blazes toward the opposite end of the spectrum. The most recent contestant to get a taste of this fervent fanbase was two-game champion Yungsheng Wang, whose over-the-top playing style received mixed reactions.

Wang, a public defender from Los Angeles, California, made it clear that he brought a big personality when he wore a bowtie to both Jeopardy! appearances. And when his second win was announced, increasing his total winnings to $47,000, his reaction was nothing short of cartoonish.

With his mouth open in shock, Yungsheng rocked back and forth behind his podium while Mayim read out his score. He then heaved a massive sigh before covering his still-open mouth.

For some fans, the champ’s gleeful reaction to his second win was too much to take. “That guy might want to cut back on his caffeine intake,” one fan said. “Yeesh. Wang made a fool of himself,” another added harshly.

Others, however, disagreed entirely. Rather than grating, they found Yungsheng’s antics endearing. “Yungsheng Wang has to be the happiest contestant I’ve ever seen on this show. Delightful, really. Never seen anyone so amazed at winning!” one fan said admiringly.

‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Criticize Mayim Bialik for This $4000 Mistake

Over the last several months, Jeopardy! fans have made it clear that they prefer Ken Jennings over Mayim Bialik as host. One of the most frequently cited reasons for this is Mayim’s tendency to cut contestants off before they’re able to give their complete answer.

During the July 4th episode, one such incident occurred, sparking intense outrage among fans when it nearly cost a contestant $4,000.

It started when Mayim Bialik read out the clue. “From a Latin word for ‘to clock,’ it’s the type of care given to seriously ill patients to provide comfort without curing,” she said. Yungsheng had the first opportunity to answer but responded incorrectly.

It was then Andie’s turn to give it a shot, and she almost missed it too. Rather than “palliative care,” Andie began with “pallative care.” Before the time ran out, she adjusted to the correct response, but it was too late. As she gave the right answer, Mayim Bialik declared her incorrect.

The judges later reversed the decision, but it did little to quell fans’ rage. “Andie was doing great and when Mayim mistakenly ruled against [her, she] lost momentum. Really bad of Mayim,” one fan wrote on Twitter in response. “Another big error on the unprepared Mayim!” another said.