‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Slam Mayim Bialik for Her ‘All Over the Place’ Hosting

by Caitlin Berard

In August of 2021, Jeopardy! announced that Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik would host the iconic game show part-time, alongside legendary former contestant Ken Jennings. Producers promised to choose a permanent host for Season 39 and beyond. For the time being, however, dual hosts seemed the best solution in the wake of the loss of beloved host Alex Trebek.

In terms of ratings, this decision didn’t affect the show in a negative way. On the contrary, in fact, Jeopardy! just won a Daytime Emmy Award for Best Game Show in June. Among fans, however, the lack of a permanent host truly couldn’t be more hated.

It’s certainly possible that some viewers gave Mayim Bialik a chance early in her tenure on the show. But that time has come and gone. And now, a once polite request for Ken Jennings as permanent host has turned into a deafening roar from avid fans.

‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Call Mayim Bialik’s Hosting ‘Disappointing’

In recent weeks, it seems fans’ most common complaint when it comes to Mayim Bialik is her habit of cutting off contestants while the timer is still running. During last night’s episode, one such incident occurred, setting the fanbase ablaze when it almost cost a contestant $4,000.

Now, it’s true that contestant Andie began with the incorrect response. That said, she corrected herself before her time ran out. Mayim, however, cut her off mid-sentence to declare her response incorrect. Luckily for Andie, the judges reviewed the decision and reversed it, awarding her $4,000.

To say that the response to this incident was harsh would be an understatement. “Response time was all over the place today. Two seconds, maybe seven, who knows,” one fan complained. “Mayim hesitates on obvious correct answers, then jumps all over Andy before she even can finish her answer. Glad the judges did the right thing. Now it’s time for the EP to do the right thing and get Ken back,” added another.

Fans Demand the Return of Host Ken Jennings

A portion of the Jeopardy! fanbase adores seeing Mayim Bialik behind the hosting lectern. They, however, are in the minority. The vast majority prefer Ken Jennings, especially when it comes to who should graduate from interim to permanent host.

To fans’ dismay, Ken Jennings has been away from the show for months now. In early May, the Jeopardy! legend announced that he would be taking a step back from his hosting duties for “a few months” and hasn’t been seen since. And with eight weeks without their favorite host, fans are growing impatient.

“Previously, it was posted that Ken would return today. It’s disappointing that Mayim is still hosting. Fingers crossed that these are her last two weeks hosting – EVER,” fumed one fan. “WHY IS MAYIM STILL HOSTING!?! PLEASE BRING BACK KEN JENNINGS!!” another said.