‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Slam the Show’s ‘Inconsistent’ Rules

by Shelby Scott

Jeopardy! boasts a dedicated fanbase, especially following season 38’s string of super-champs. This year, fans have been quick to defend the show’s wronged contestants. They’ve simultaneously slammed production as well as the game show’s hosts for a multitude of slip-ups. This time around, Jeopardy! fans have taken issue with the show’s supposed “inconsistent” rules.

According to Parade, fans of the long-running game show have aired complaints regarding Jeopardy‘s spelling rule. Fans, frustrated with the inconsistency, have been circulating two side-by-side images of two different contestants, with a highlight on legibility. See the viral thread below.

“[T]his didn’t count, but then this one did??” one disgruntled fan posted to Twitter.

The photo on the left shows an earlier contestant whose response read “Harriet Tubman.” The second photo, a screenshot from the July 18th episode, features a contestant’s answer which reportedly reads, “Waiting for Godot.”

Admittedly, neither response is easy to read. However, it’s that Jeopardy!‘s producers accepted one highly illegible answer while not accepting the other. In response to the thread, one fan wrote, “Apparently, according to #Jeopardy producers, one of [these] says ‘Waiting for Godot’ while the other does NOT say ‘Harriet Tubman.'”

The frustrated Jeopardy! fan followed their comment with the hashtag, “MakeItMakeSense.”

Jeopardy! fans are especially frustrated by the game show’s inconsistent rulings as both the above responses came during Final Jeopardy! As per the outlet, contestants are not required to spell responses 100% correctly during this round. That said, when read aloud, it does need to sound like the correct answer.

‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Draw Attention to a Secondary Issue Amid Show’s Inconsistent Rulings

More than spelling, appears handwriting has caused many of the discrepancies we’ve seen in rulings on Jeopardy! this year. As such, forward-thinking fans shared a logical suggestion with producers.

Essentially, the outlet reports that if it comes down to deciphering contestants’ handwriting, then the show should plan for a technological upgrade next season. Fans recommend providing players with key pads rather than requiring handwritten answers.

“I don’t quite get why contestants don’t have keypads for Final Jeopardy,” one game show fan wrote in the thread. “It’s 2022.”

Game Show Host Ken Jennings Shocks Fans With Cringe-Worthy Joke

Inconsistent rulings aren’t the only reason Jeopardy! has been trending lately. Recently, the game show has been navigating rocky seas in relation to its decision for the game show’s permanent host. Following a round of hosting tryouts last year, Jeopardy! underwent major drama, with game show legend Ken Jennings and actress Mayim Bialik eventually chosen to share the duties long held by Alex Trebek. Between the game show’s current co-hosts, Jennings is most frequently viewers’ fan favorite. However, in a rare instance, the Jeopardy! legend recently shocked fans with a completely off-color joke.

A recent airing of the game show saw contestants presented with the following clue: “Since no one had done this for 40 years, God told Joshua to get a knife & do this to male Israelites.”

After one contestant answered with “What is Circumcise?” Jennings responded, “That is correct! A painful $2,000 for you.”

While contestants seemed shocked by his out-of-the-ordinary response, fans fell into hysterics.

“[Ken Jennings] continuing to be one of my favorite humans ever,” one Jeopardy! fan wrote on social media.

(Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)