‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Sound Off on Photo of Legendary Trivia Trio

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

It’s that time of the year for Jeopardy! to host its Tournament of Champions and we’re getting a little look at some champs. The show recently offered up a photo of three champions: Amy Schneider, Matt Amodio, and Mattea Roach. They are lined up and looking rather serious and, well, maybe a little smug. It’s an image that is part of a promo video for the upcoming tournament. What do they look like? Schneider is wearing a pink dress while showing off her arm tattoo. Amodio looks pretty familiar in his sweater and khakis. As for Roach, she has a new cropped hairstyle and a tan suit.

While this image is definitely one for the books, you should read what some fans are saying about seeing it. They are absolutely going wild about this image. “POV: you pull up to bar trivia, but this trio is your competition,” according to one fan on Twitter. “When I first saw that promo, that stance they’re all in kinda intimidated me,” another viewer said, TV Insider reports. “This is the best promo pic of all time,” wrote another excited fan. This one wrote, “This Tournament of Champions is gonna be bananas. I cannot wait.” Heck, even the show’s official Twitter account chimed in and wrote, “Album drop when?”

‘Jeopardy!’ Tournament of Champions Will Kick Off On Halloween

If you are wondering whether or not these three will be in the Jeopardy! tournament, then rest your fears. They will be in the Tournament of Champions. It happens to kick off on October 31, Halloween. This tournament features the winningest players from the previous season. You will probably want to reserve time and make sure you are in front of your TV set. Six quarterfinal games are on the docket, followed by three semifinal ones. All of this leads to a final. Due to their status as super-champions, Amodio, Roach, and Schneider will get an automatic bye into the second round.

How did these three people fare in their competitions? Pretty dang good. Schneider won 40 consecutive games and $1.3 million while she was on the show. Amodio won 38 games and $1.5 million. Roach’s appearance was this past May. She won 23 games in a row and $560,000. Who else will be showing up for the Tournament of Champions? This does include Ryan Long (16 wins), Jackie Kelly (4), Christine Whelchel (4), Jonathan Fisher (11), Brian Chang (7), Courtney Shah (7), Eric Ahasic (6), Zach Newkirk (6), Megan Wachspress (6), Andrew He (5), Tyler Rhode (5), John Focht (4), Margaret Shelton (4), and Maureen O’Neil (4). Fans also can be on the lookout for Ken Jennings to be behind the podium when the Tournament of Champions kicks off.