‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Spot ‘Bizarre Pattern’ in Ryan Long’s Ongoing Win Streak

by Leanne Stahulak

Current “Jeopardy!” champion Ryan Long’s 16-day streak already puts him at the ninth highest spot for consecutive wins in the game show’s history. But eagle-eyed fans have picked up on a key pattern in the game show that could affect Long’s streak.

According to The Sun, one “Jeopardy!” fan pointed out this “bizarre pattern” on Twitter earlier this week. On Friday, Long won his 16th straight game. But before that, he surpassed the 10th place legend when he won 14 games. Long now sits in ninth place, and if he wants to beat the seventh and eighth place legends, then he needs to win more than 19 games.

But, as this fan wrote on Twitter earlier, “Remember: every #Jeopardy champion who has reached 14 wins has gotten to at least 19.”

We’ve seen a lot of “Jeopardy!” super champions already this season. Matt Amdoio won 38 games, Amy Schneider won 40, and Mattea Roach won 23. Jonathan Fisher also performed well with 11 consecutive games. But all of the legends who reached 14 ended up surpassing it and reaching at least 19.

If this pattern holds, then Ryan Long should prove no different. He should have an easy time winning 19 games and overtaking both Jason Zuffranieri and David Madden. Then he just needs to beat out Julia Collins at 20 games before catching up to recent “Jeopardy!” champion Mattea Roach at 23.

Either way, Long’s performance up to this point has definitely earned him a spot in the upcoming Tournament of Champions. Aside from the legends listed above, Long will also face Sam Buttrey, winner of the Professor’s Tournament, and Jaskaran Singh, winner of the College Championship.

And there’s a chance that he could face Brian Chang, Courtney Shah, Zach Newkirk, Andrew He, Tyler Rhode, Jackie Kelly, John Focht, or Margaret Shelton.

‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Ryan Long Ran Nine Categories Already

Part of current “Jeopardy!” champ Ryan Long’s raging success is due to his ability to run a category. That means he buzzes in and correctly answers all the clues in one category. And in just 16 games, he’s already done that nine times.

Most of these categories revolve around entertainment. But it’s an impressive feat that’s not easy to accomplish. Per a recent video on the “Jeopardy!” Twitter page, the categories Long ran include “TV: Who Played ‘Em?”, “Portmanteau Words,” “One-Named Oscar Winners,” “Life in the Faust Lane,” “Movie Supervillains,” “Movie Co-Stars,” “Medieval Times,” “Musicians Selling Music,” and “SNL Cast Members on Film.”

In the video below, you can see how some answers came super easily to Long. But others he hesitated on and really had to dig deep to pull the responses out of his vast well of knowledge.