‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Stunned After Ryan Long’s Winning Streak Ends

by Shelby Scott

Season 38 of “Jeopardy!” has introduced us to a slew of super-champs, beginning with Matt Amodio and most recently bringing us Philadelphia rideshare driver, Ryan Long. Long became the long-running game show’s newest super champ following the defeat of 23-year-old law student Mattea Roach. Altogether, Long has won 16 consecutive games and amassed earnings totaling more than $300,000 before taxes. Sadly though, the “Jeopardy!” contestant’s weeks-long streak came to an end and now fans have been left stunned.

The Sun reports Ryan Long’s topple from the top began during a Daily Double, as he drew a total blank.

Early in the game, Long wagered $2,000 though when current host Mayim Bialik gave the clue, he didn’t have an answer. Then, making matters worse, Long went into Final Jeopardy! in last place. Instead, Long’s fellow contestant Eric Ahasiac, a Minneapolis Minnesota meteorologist, swooped in with the win.

Ahasiac beat out Long and “Jeopardy!’s” third contestant, Stephanie, with a total of $18,000, celebrating his new status.

Meanwhile, going into Final Jeopardy!, Long had just $6,800 and wagered everything but $1. Footage shows the game show contestant’s apparent disappointment at losing his reign, however, plenty of fans believe the “Jeopardy!” champ threw the game. Following the 39-year-old’s disappointing round, “Jeopardy!” fans took to Twitter to share their disappointment as well as their congratulations.

‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Accuse Ryan Long of Throwing the Game

We can’t know for certain whether Ryan Long purposely threw his last round on “Jeopardy!” However, if he did, fans had a pretty good idea why. Nevertheless, plenty of viewers were still frustrated by the loss.

“What the hell was that?” one viewer shared on Twitter. “Ryan stopped ringing in!”

Another agreed although they seemed to empathize with the dad of one, writing, “Ryan Long was ready to go home. He definitely threw that game.”

Another concurred, stating, “Ryan was more than tired,” while one final “Jeopardy!” fan said, “I think Ryan just wants to go home. He didn’t seem like himself tonight.”

If that’s the case, then we’re happy the hardworking father was able to conclude an impressive reign with several hundred thousand dollars in his pocket. Simultaneously, fans shared their love and excitement for Long, writing on social media, “Gonna miss you! You were a joy to watch. You earned every penny!”

Another congratulated the “Jeopardy!” star, tagging him in a post that said, “you had a great run! Thanks for sharing your knowledge w us! We enjoyed watching you play!”

In order to achieve “Jeopardy!’s” ninth-longest winning streak in history, the outlet states Ryan Long scored 405 correct clues, missing just 64 of them during his run. Fans won’t have to say goodbye to the Uber driver forever as we can expect his return to the Tournament of Champions later this year.