‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Think Big Win Streaks Make the Show ‘Boring’

by Caitlin Berard

The iconic game show Jeopardy! is unique in that it doesn’t have a cast of characters who appear in each episode to entertain its fans. Instead, there’s only one recurring character: the host of the show. He or she is then joined by a new set of contestants every day – and that’s the way fans like it.

Though it’s not unusual for Jeopardy! fans to shower admiration on their favorite contestants, a recent Reddit thread revealed that part of that admiration comes from their short-lived appearances.

Typically, contestants aren’t around long enough for fans to develop any negative opinions of them. Viewers enjoy each contestant for their unique personality and playing style and then, an episode or two later, they’re gone.

For this reason, some fans feel that this season’s string of long-running champions takes away from the show rather than improving it. “I think mega champs are great and all that, winning hundreds of thousands of dollars,” the thread’s creator wrote. “But I also enjoy seeing a daily or regular turnover of champions, just for different perspectives.”

They then pointed to recent three-game champion Yungsheng Wang as an example. “He was so happy to win and enthusiastic,” they said. “Made the whole game more enjoyable.”

‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Express Their Opinions on Super Champions

As many Jeopardy! fans explained, it doesn’t really matter what’s happening on the show, as long as it’s on. They simply enjoy tuning in every night to play along with the contestants from home.

That said, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have opinions at all when it comes to super champions. Or anything involving their favorite game show, for that matter. And the opinion regarding long-running champions is virtually universal: they’re fine, as long as it’s not an everyday occurrence.

“I like mega champions every now and then,” one fan wrote. “Matt, Amy, and Mattea happened so close to one another that I ended up itching for more of a turnover. Had there been more space between each run I think I would have been more excited over it.”

“I like a good mix,” another added. “Occasional multi-day champions sprinkled among lots of one-and-dones. It’s fun seeing more people get to fulfill their dream of being on the show. I don’t mind the super champions since they can be fun in different ways but on average I prefer a higher turnover rate.”

It’s only when Jeopardy! happens to feature back-to-back super champions that fans begin to lose interest. “I get bored with mega-champs after a while,” a third viewer explained. “Runaway after runaway gets boring.”