‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Are Tired of These ‘Nitpicky Complaints’ About Mayim Bialik as Host

by Caitlin Berard

In television, it’s not at all unusual to see characters come and go over time, especially in a show with dozens of seasons in its catalog. Jeopardy!, however, is a different animal. Because of the nature of the show, there isn’t a variety of characters for whom fans can develop affection.

In Jeopardy!, there is only one consistent character – the host – around whom the entire show revolves. As such, the person behind the hosting lectern can make or break the show. For 37 years, the game show had an undeniable star in Alex Trebek. After his 2020 passing, however, producers were forced to find a replacement.

They turned to Jeopardy! legend Ken Jennings and Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik, splitting hosting duties between them until a permanent face of the show was named. Now, the dual hosting era hasn’t impacted the series in terms of ratings in the slightest. It has, however, caused some major backlash from fans.

Specifically, fans who are against Mayim Bialik. For months now, fans have passionately expressed their pick for host – Ken Jennings. And while many are kind in their requests, others take things a little too far, resorting to name-calling and “nitpicky complaints.”

Mayim Bialik herself revealed that the harshest of these comments don’t go unheard or unread. On the contrary, she often feels insulted by the hate.

‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Call Out ‘Nitpicky Complaints’ About Mayim Bialik

After months of ceaseless demands for Ken Jennings to become permanent Jeopardy! host and Mayim Bialik to lose her position entirely, some fans are beginning to tire of the complaints. There’s nothing wrong with preferring one host over another, virtually every fan has a preference.

However, there are only so many critiques one can make about Mayim before they begin to sound like a broken record, and some fans feel that line was crossed long ago. A recent Reddit thread discussing Jennings and Bialik began with an essay essentially explaining why Mayim shouldn’t be the host.

And while the piece received some assenting comments, many expressed boredom at the complaints. “Another guy prefers Ken to Mayim for all the same reasons everyone does. Saved you a click,” one fan wrote.

“I prefer Ken to Mayim… The article is nothing but the same nitpicky complaints, though,” added another. “This isn’t a particularly interesting take. It’s the same take everyone on this sub seems to have,” sighed a third.

Further down in the thread, fans were even more straightforward in their dislike of the essay, asking that fans collectively stop talking about the Jeopardy! hosts. “What about this is interesting? This is just a reiteration of the same constant avalanche of repeated complaints we get every day,” said a particularly annoyed fan.