‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Torch Mayim Bialik Over Ignoring Announcer Johnny Gilbert’s 94th Birthday

by Chris Piner

Considered to be one of the most challenging game shows still running, Jeopardy continues to entertain viewers with 38 seasons and over 8,000 episodes. While dating back to 1964, the Jeopardy that everyone has come to love is thanks to Alex Trebek. But Trebek had some help. Being part of the show since 1984, announcer Johnny Gilbert is the iconic voice of the show’s intro. Recently celebrating his 94th birthday, Gilbert received love and support from his family and friends, but when it came to Jeopardy – silence. Not only did host Mayim Bialik not mention the announcer on Thursday’s show, but neither did the show itself. 

Having been such a crucial part of the show, fans quickly went on Twitter to voice their frustration with the birthday snub. “I was a little surprised there was not a Happy Birthday shoutout to Johnny Gilbert tonight. He has such a strong voice, especially for being 94 years young. I believe he has been with Jeopardy for 38 years. Happy Birthday, Johnny, and thanks for all the memories.”

Fans Criticize Mayim Bialik For Forgetting Johnny Gilbert’s Birthday

Many set their frustration out on host Bialik for forgetting. “@missmayim Way to commemorate Johnny Gilbert’s 94th birthday tonight. Ridiculously selfish oversight on your part. You clearly have zero respect for the @Jeopardy institution. Hopefully, tomorrow is the last time we have to see you host.” 

From the episode to social media, there wasn’t a single post or moment of celebration for Johnny Gilbert. On his birthday, which is July 13, BuzzrTV, wished the legendary host a happy birthday, tweeting, “Wishing a #HappyBirthday to the legendary, #JohnnyGilbert! Johnny is known for announcing a number of game shows since the 1950s! From #SupermarketSweep, #FamilyFeud, #CardSharks, #ChildsPlay and MORE! Name your favorite Gilbert announced shows in the comments!”

Doing more than wishing him a happy birthday, but showing how much Johnny Gilbert influenced over the years, it appears both Jeopardy and Mayim Bialik have some explaining to do. Back in 2017, Gilbert earned a Guinness World Record for longest career with the same game show as an announcer. 

Emily Fiasco Continues To Dominate

As for the show itself, the episode challenged returning champ, Emily Fiasco, against Mark Primiano and Anjali Bhat. Proving her extensive knowledge, Fiasco walked away with a $28,000 total for a single day. Primiano only had $8,000 and Bhat $12,600. That was going into the final round. The question: “Maybe surprisingly, in 1918 this new leader was the first to recognize the independence of Finland.”

While Premiano got it right, so did Fiasco who wagered a staggering $11,201 with the answer “Who is Lenin?” Giving her a total of $25,201, the champion has a combined $53,201 after two days.