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‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Torn Over Whether Ken Jennings Could Compete With New Champs

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

It might be a mystery or something along those lines, but could Jeopardy! champ Ken Jennings really compete with the new ones? People who have seen Jennings play the famed game know that he can handle his own. Fans, though, are a bit torn over the prospects of this happening. Of course, these days Jennings shows up as one of the co-hosts along with Mayim Bialik. There’s no doubt that Ken is one of the GOATs, if not the GOAT, on the show. He won 74 consecutive times and he’s also the highest-winning game show contestant.

Jennings splits host duties with Bialik. Right now, he’s holding the fort down and will be through the end of 2022. Once January rolls around, Bialik is supposed to take over on the daily shows. Jennings actually hosted the 2022 Tournament of Champions as Amy Schneider beat out Andrew He and Sam Buttrey for the crown. Fans, though, wonder if his hosting duties would keep him from coming back for a champions tournament.

‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Wonder If Ken Jennings Has What It Takes To Play Again

They headed over to Reddit where they could leave a comment about the situation, The Sun reports. The initial poster wrote, “You ever think Ken looks at a superchamp, like Mattea or Cris, and says, ‘Yeah, I could still take ’em’?” One person replied, “Yes, and he’s right.” Another person wrote, “Ken would win, but he had the perfect sendoff. He defeated two amazing competitors in front of the late great Alex Trebek. Nothing could be sweeter.” Another fan wrote, “Considering he is considered to be the greatest of all time, yes, yes he can.”

One person, though, also had this rather interesting thought. “On some Omnibus episode, he talked about competing 10 years later and said he feels like he lost the physical & mental speed to compete with younger players.” Another fan suggested Jennings compete against the Tournament of Champion winners. Yet another fan chirped up and said Jennings gave up those rights when he became host of the show. There were other Redditors who chimed in with their own comments about Jennings playing again.

Here’s a catch: A former contestant actually said he was “coming for his job” to Jennings on Jeopardy!. Who would say such a thing? Actually, it was He. He faced off with Jonathan Fisher and Christine Whelchel in the competition. Jennings started hosting the three-week-long winners’ tournament featuring 21 winners from the past year (including those who won the final two slots via the Second Chance competition).