‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Want Champ Ryan Long to Host Reboot of Popular Show

by Emily Morgan

There’s no doubt that Ryan Long has impressed us all while on “Jeopardy!” The laid-back rideshare driver has captured fans worldwide for being calm, cool, and collected while answering the most challenging trivia questions.

Long will now advance to the next round after cruising into his 12th consecutive win last night. However, fans are already planning out Long’s next moves after his reign on “Jeopardy!” ends. In fact, one user on Twitter wants Long to be in the driver’s seat for a reboot of another famous trivia show.

“Here’s my pitch. @Jeopardy’s current champ Ryan Long is a ride share driver. We need a Cash Cab reboot with Ryan as the host, driving his Uber around Philadelphia and picking up unsuspecting trivia contestants. I know #Jeopardy fans would watch this.”

For our younger readers “Cash Cab” was a game show that began airing in 2005 on the Discovery Channel. Stand-up comedian Ben Bailey hosted the show that required him to drive around in an unassuming cab to pick up riders who had no idea that they were about to get the chance to win big on the game show.

The show’s original run ended in 2012. However, Discovery revived the series in 2017. It later moved to Bravo in 2019.

‘Jeopardy!’ fans fume over Mayim Bialik’s hiccup

On Monday, the Philadelphia native drove directly onto the leaderboard of legends with an astonishing 12 wins that total $226K. But, despite the success, it wasn’t without a hiccup from the interim host, Mayim Bialik.

During the game, newcomer Steve Knapp hit the buzzer on the category ‘Potpourri’ for $1000. Bialik read the clue, “Sadly, the Heath Hen went extinct in 1932, but we still have its relative, the Prarie ‘this’ she added, “Known for its courtship displays.”

Knapp buzzed in with, “What is: A Prairie Grouse,” but Bialik said, “no.” Then, after a few moments of awkward silence and no other responses, she responded with, “That’s a chicken!”

However, it wasn’t Knapp who messed up. Instead, it was the host. As it turns out, the greater prairie chickens are also known as prairie grouse.

When the show came back from a commercial, Bialik had to fix her blunder. “Before we get into Double Jeopardy, we have a change in score to announce, and Steve, it affects you,” she said. “The judges have reviewed your response of Prarie Grouse and have decided it is acceptable. We will add $2000. Your score is now correct at $3200.”

Although they moved on, it didn’t keep fans at home from buzzing about the surprising interaction. As it turns out, “Jeopardy!” rarely stops to repay a contestant, let alone give them twice the amount.

Although she tried to make amends, it didn’t keep fans online from criticizing Bialik’s delivery. “Mayimsplaining the clues in review #jeopardy It’s going to be a long May,” said one user online who appeared to be missing former host Ken Jennings.