‘Jeopardy!’ Features Contestant Who Is Also a National Anthem Singer

by Taylor Cunningham

On tonight’s episode of Jeopardy! Mayim Bialik welcomes back a very fitting player—National Anthem singer Eleanor Dixon.

As Bialik shared during the pre-show opener, Eleanor has made a hobby out of belting the tune at various events. And with today being the 4th of July, Jeopardy! shared a brief clip of the patriotic singer ahead of tonight’s episode.

“It sounds like Eleanor’s got some pipes,” the show wrote on Twitter.

“As we celebrate America’s Independence Day, it seems only fitting we feature champion, Eleanor Dixon, who in her spare time, sings The Star-Spangled Banner at venues ranging from middle school lacrosse games to pro/Am skimboarding competitions,” Bialik said.

The self-proclaimed Villanova basketball fanatic is the reigning champion with one win under her belt. On Friday, she picked up $20,818 after taking a gamble on a Daily Double.

In tonight’s episode, she’ll take on a Los Angeles public defender named Yungsheng Wang and a New York teacher named Andie Huskie.

“She certainly hit a high note with a big win on Friday’s show,” the host continued in the video. “But today, it could be Yungsheng or Andie’s turn to shine on the Alex Trebek stage.”

You can catch the entire episode tonight at 7:30 PM on ABC. And who knows, maybe Eleanor will give us a mini-concert for the big day.

‘Jeopardy!’ Wants to Test American History Chops

And Jeopardy! is celebrating the holiday in another way, too. Earlier, the series posted an American History quiz to see just how much we know about our country.

The gameshow posted a 10-question test that gives us trivia fans a little taste of what it’s like to stand behind the podium. All of the questions, of course, center around our founding fathers. And the creators didn’t make it easy.

To ace the challenge, fans need to know where the Continental Congress first met in 1774 and why Thomas Jefferson hired an extra servant for his 1806 4th of July party.

To open, however, Jeopardy! did take it easy on us. The first question asks, “this is actually the date the Declaration of Independence was adopted–most of the signing was on August 2.”

Do you know the answer? We’ll give you a big hint, it’s the reason we are celebrating our independence today.

There are no special prizes for nailing the questions though. All you’ll earn is the right to tell your friends that you could hold your own if you stood on the Alex Trebek stage for a history category.