‘Jeopardy!’: Here Are All the Final Jeopardy Clues Mattea Roach Got Wrong

by Megan Molseed

Jeopardy! champ Mattea Roach’s impressive winning streak came to an end late last week, falling short by just $1. However, this unfortunate loss does not stop Mattea Roach from finding her spot in the Jeopardy! record books.

The contestant currently boasts the title of holding the fifth-longest winning streak for any Canadian contestant on the game show. Of course, fans of the series know that to get to this level of the iconic gameshow’s history, a player needs to have a pretty major run on answering the clues correctly. However, this doesn’t mean that they won’t miss one here or there.

During Mattea Roach’s incredible Jeopardy! run winning an impressive number of games during a multiple-week streak, she answered hundreds of clues correctly during her 23-game winning streak. Few moments tripped the champion up during her run.

However, there were a few clues here and there that left the Jeopardy! contestant puzzled. And out of the 24 Final Jeopardy! questions Roach faced during her champion-making run on the iconic game show, there were only a few that the contestant got wrong.

Jeopardy! fans no doubt remember well the Final Jeopardy! clue that led to the end of Roach’s winning streak. After all, few can forget a win as close as this one was. But what are some of the other clues Roach missed while competing on the hit television game show? Here is a list of a few of these rare clues – and their answers:

“Patented in 1955, it did not go over well in the high-end fashion world, but the then-new aerospace industry found it very useful.” The answer to this clue is plate tectonics.

“The orphaned future Queen Elizabeth I was devoted to this stepmother who died two days before Elizabeth’s 15th birthday.” The answer to this one is Catherine Parr.

“Befitting the title, Antoine Galland, the first Western translator of this collection, worked on it only “after dinner.” The correct response to this is The Thousand and One Night.

“Old maps depicting what’s now this 125,000-square-mile country labeled the area with the French word for ‘teeth,'” is another clue Mattea Roach got wrong during her run on Jeopardy!. The answer to this clue is Côte d’Ivoire.

“The title character of this film has the same name as the Roman goddess of the dawn,” was another clue Roach missed. The correct answer is Sleeping Beauty.

Next is “Adetokunbo, ‘the crown has returned from overseas’, is fitting for the Adetokunbo family who left Nigeria for this country in 1991.” The correct response to the Jeopardy! question is Greece.

Roach Falls Just $1 Short of A 24th Win

During her bid to win her 24th Jeopardy! competition Mattea Roach wagered an amount that would bring her down a still-impressive $15, 599 should she miss the Final Jeopardy! clue. An amount that could certainly lead to a win. However, another contestant, Danielle Maurer bid enough to bring a winning total to $15,600 should they answer the clue correctly.

Unfortunately, Roach fell short of answering correctly, while the other contestant gave the correct response. Making Maurer the game’s champion by just $1.