‘Jeopardy!’: The Hilarious Reason This Contestant Was Once Banned From Poolside Trivia

by Megan Molseed

Any fan of the iconic question-answer TV game show Jeopardy! knows well that a strong understanding of all things trivia-related is key to a player’s success. And, as one Jeopardy! player reveals in a recent introduction segment that this kind of trivia knowledge almost got her in trouble during one hilarious pool-side trivia event!

Recently, the Jeopardy! Instagram page shared a clip from a recent episode where one contestant, Tehmeena Malik, recounts the moment she was called and accused of cheating out while playing a bit of trivia while vacationing in Cabo. But, the Jeopardy! player says she was doing so well because no one else was even participating!

“There’s something fishy happening at poolside trivia in Mexico,” the Jeopardy! Insta post quips.

In this post, the popular TV gameshow shares a brief clip where Tehmeena Malik recalls the hilarious pool-side trivia moment in Cabo. The clip begins with Jeopardy! host Mayim Bialik introduced the player, inquiring as to why Malik was “once disqualified from poolside trivia,” during a trip to Cabo.

This Jeopardy! Contestant Certainly Honed Her Skills During The Cabo Pool-Side Trivia Event!

As the Jeopardy! player begins to recount her story she notes that while vacationing with her husband in Cabo a few years ago, she was intrigued by a pool-side trivia event. However, she was the only one focused on the game.

Malik notes that there were “a lot of seniors at the time,” while the couple was visiting Cabo.

“There was poolside trivia being held,” the Jeopardy! contestant continues.

“I participated because I love trivia,” Malik adds. However, this proved to be more difficult than she had initially thought, she adds.

Is It Even A Fair Game When You’re The Only One Participating?

During this hilarious intro story, Teheema Malik recalls how she was the only one participating in this pool-side trivia event. And, this leads to a dicey situation, it seems.

“I was winning by default,” Malik recalls.

“And getting all the answers right,” the player continues.

Then, she says, the trivia host accuses her of cheating, ultimately disqualifying her.

“The host accused me of cheating,” the contestant laughs. However, this didn’t get the trivia lover down. In fact, she hilariously jokes that this turn of events gave her inspiration for her future.

“I hope one day to go back to that resort in Cabo, and take his job,” she quips of this particular pool-side trivia host.

There have been times when fans aren’t sure about Jeopardy! host Mayim Bialik’s reactions to these intro stories. However, it’s obvious the host finds this story to be truly hilarious. As the player wraps up her story, Bialik can be seen laughing out loud before declaring “that’s very funny!”