‘Jeopardy!’ Host Ken Jennings Hints at ‘Surprises’ for the Tournament of Champions

by Joe Rutland

By now, Jeopardy! fans have been informed that Ken Jennings will host the Tournament of Champions this fall. Yet Ken apparently has some things up his sleeves. He’s hinting at some “surprises” coming down the pipe for viewers. Man, if he pulls this off during the famed tournament, then fans will be going nuts…in a good way. What, though, would these “surprises” turn out to be? We don’t know more than what Jennings is talking about in a tweet.

So, we still don’t have any ideas about what they will look like. But we do know that Jennings and Mayim Bialik have been pegged for host duties. When you turn on your TV sets for new episodes this fall, though, then Ken comes up first. His timeframe will be between September through December. Bialik will take over in January, but there’s a little bit of a hitch there.

Ken Jennings Will Share ‘Jeopardy!’ Host Duties With Mayim Bialik

Bialik will be busy filing her Fox sitcom Call Me Kat and that might affect her work schedule on the game show. If she needs to step away and finish that sitcom, then show producers are set to help out there. You might see Jennings return if there is time to fill. Of course, Jeopardy! fans are ecstatic about knowing these two hosts are coming on back.

The game show, which was led for years by the late, great Alex Trebek, was wobbling a little bit after his death. Jennings was one of those among a rotation of hosts that filled up the schedule. It was not always a good time for viewers, either. Why? Because they loved Trebek. And with his death, that meant change. Jeopardy! looks like it has righted its ship when it comes to the hosting duties. Sure, there are some fans who wanted Jennings to be the sole host. Still, the fact that he’s part of it along with Bialik will make those fans pretty happy.

For Jeopardy! fans, they do know that Jennings is quite active on Twitter. He’s usually talking about stuff around the show or other life things. Bialik has been featured in host highlights that the show will share on its Twitter account. And there will be more news and notes coming due to the new podcast Inside Jeopardy! This is where executive producer Michael Davies and others will talk about what’s going on show-wise. Davies has promised to keep fans informed through the podcast. When it comes to hosting issues, game strategy, or even some inside show information, then it’ll be shared there. Look for Jeopardy! to become even more viewer-friendly than it has in the past. That’s a good thing, indeed.